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Friday - April 4th

Run the Night 5K Electric Glow Run

Starz Nightclub, St. Thomas @ 7:30pm
Before the start, you'll choose from a variety of glow in the dark items to layer on your body as you prepare to light up the waterfront on an electric 5K adventure through three glow zones; featuring splashes of neon, glow water, black lights, and DJs. You won't know whether to run or dance through these mini party spots and don't be afraid to choose dance, as this is an un-timed event that focuses on fun, not speed. When you cross the finish line, the party will continue into the night as you light up the dance floor at Starz at the epic after party featuring exciting DJs, neon glow and lights. A portion of the proceeds, plus 100% of monies raised from our raffle, will benefit the Family Resource Center. For more information visit: www.activeislandvi.com/Run_the_Night.html

Saturday - April 5th

St. Thomas Carnival

St. Thomas @ 8:00pm
Event: Calypso Elimination Tent. Come out and enjoy the lyrics and music of local Calypsonians. Elimination tents allow musicians to perform the songs they compose, often on topics related to politics, history, news and adult topics. The best are selected and they move on to compete at the Calypso Monarch competition later in the month, where one will be crowned.

Sunday - April 6th

St. Croix Food and Week Week

Carambola Golf Course, St. Croix @ 10:30am
Event: Cuisine on the Green Golf Tournament. Experience the Golf Course while you enjoy culinary bites and cocktail samples at select tees. Golfers and non-golfers delight in this entertaining game of golf. $200 per golfer; $75 Taster w/Golf Cart; $50 Taster w/o Golf Cart. For more information visit: www.stxfoodandwine.com

Tuesday - April 8th

St. Croix Food and Week Week

Tutto Bene, St. Croix @ 6:00pm
Event: Gourmet Vintner Dinner at Tutto Bene. Chef Sam Choy and a celebrity vintner team up to create an unforgettable event. Don't miss its gourmet themed auction! $250 For more information visit: www.stxfoodandwine.com

St. Croix Food and Week Week

Christiansted, St. Croix @ 6:00pm
Event: City Crawl, Location: Three restaurants in Christiansted. Enjoy specialty beverages and food samplings from participating restaurants and bars as you stroll through the historic waterfront town of Christiansted. $100 For more information visit: www.stxfoodandwine.com

Wednesday - April 9th

St. Croix Food and Week Week

Eat at CaneBay, St. Croix @ 4:30pm
Event: Food Fight! On the Beach at Eat@Canebay. Celebrity chefs Leah Cohen and Dean Spinks are paired with culinary students to compete in a hilarious series of challenges. $75. For more information visit: www.stxfoodandwine.com

St. Croix Food and Week Week

The Galleon, St. Croix @ 7:00pm
Event: The Galleon Wine Dinner. Enjoy a stellar menu by local executive chefs, perfectly paired with fabulous wines. $150. For more information visit: www.stxfoodandwine.com

Thursday - April 10th

A Taste of St. Croix

Divi Carina Bay, St. Croix @ 6:00pm
Featuring more than 50 local restaurants, over 20 wineries, and 100s of wines, as well as rums, beer, and more. Live entertainment and a culinary competition with dishes judged by celebrity chefs, VIPs and special guests. This event also includes a Moet & Chandon After Party. $95 For more information visit: www.stxfoodandwine.com

Friday - April 11th

St. Croix Food and Week Week

St. Croix @ 5:30pm
Event: Cork & Fork Dinners. Location1: Estate Cane Garden (Chef Leah Cohen) and Location 2: Private home overlooking Buck Island (Chef Todd Gray). Decadent dinners held in private homes. Celebrity chefs are paired with renowned wine makers to create an unforgettable evening. Featuring Chefs Todd Gray and Leah Cohen. $1000 For more information visit: www.stxfoodandwine.com

St. Croix Food and Week Week

Frederiksted Pier, St. Croix @ 6:00pm
Event: Sunset BBQ. Held in historic Frederiksted the Facebook Culinary Crew, Chefs Dean Spinks and Tony Castellucci along with Chefs Sam Choy and Billy DeSimone team up with students to show off their grilling talents. With multiple bars, grills & room to roam, attendees enjoy beautiful views and tropical breezes. $50 adult, $25 child For more information visit: www.stxfoodandwine.com

Saturday - April 12th

St. Croix Food and Week Week

St. Croix @ 10:30am
Event: Kids Cooking. Location: Pearl B Larson School Celebrity and local chefs including the Crucian Contessa, ignite excitement about cooking with little chefs learning to make simple, fun recipes. For children ages 6-12 years old. $25 per child For more information visit: www.stxfoodandwine.com

St. Croix Food and Week Week

Leeward Warehouse, St. Croix @ 6:00pm
Event: Wine in the Warehouse. Everyone comes together for wine tasting with winemakers, cocktail samplings, small bites and music. The one-night transformation of the warehouse is breathtaking. $100 For more information visit: www.stxfoodandwine.com

Sunday - April 13th

St. Thomas Carnival

Lionel Roberts Stadium, St. Thomas @ 5:00pm
Event: Princess Selection Show. This is a competition of children from ages 6 years to 12 years old. Children are judged on Talent, Fashion and Costume. The children practice and train for months prior to the event. The Princess reigns over Carnival events.

Saturday - April 19th

St. Thomas Carnival

Lionel Roberts Stadium, St. Thomas @ 8:00pm
Event: Queen Selection Show. This is a competition of young ladies ranging in age from 16 years to 21 years old. They young ladies are rehearse for months. On the night of the compeition they are judged on Talent, Fashioning of Swim wear and Evening wear, Speech and a Cultural Costume and Dance. The winning young lady reigns over Carnival events and attends various social events. She also represents the Virgin Islands at the Miss World Beauty Pageant.

15th Annual Dolphin Tournament

St. Croix
Fishing Tournament hosted by Golden Hook Fishing Club. For more information visit: www.fishstx.com

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Saturday - April 19th

SEA Event: Snorkel Clinic

St. Croix @ 10:00am
FREE Snorkel clinic at Fort Frederik Beach. Learn to snorkel or advance your skills; school-aged children to adults are welcome. SEA will provide snorkel instruction, gear, environmental education, and light refreshments. Registration is not required but appreciated, please call. SEA snorkel clinics are sponsored by Reef Jam. Tel: (340) 773-1989

Sunday - April 20th

St. Thomas Carnival

Lionel Roberts Stadium, St. Thomas @ 5:00pm
Event: Toddler's Derby and Best Dressed Doll. Carnival is fun for all ages and this event is for the young ones, the really young ones. The Toddler Derby is a race for children. Watch toddlers on all four crawl to the finsih line, or not. Some sit at the starting line as their parents try their hardest to coax the toddler down the mat. Older children, up to 7 years old, race each other, sprinting across the short course. Fun family event. During the Doll contest parents dress their young children up in creative costumes with Carnival themes, of animals, fantasy and other characters.

St. Thomas Carnival

Lionel Roberts Stadium, St. Thomas @ 7:00pm
Event: Traditional Games. The Traditional games event is a demonstration of games which were played in the past by residents of the islands; children and adults can participate. Games like Tee Toe Tum, Three Hole Nogle, Pudding, Hoople Race, Two-Wheel Barrow, among others. The young of today get introduced to the games of their elders and have an opportunity to try them out.

Monday - April 21st

St. Thomas Carnival

Hospital Lobby, St. Thomas @ 6:00pm
Event: The Carnival Committee and the community at large know how important Carnival is to island culture. And for that reason they bring a little of the events to patients of the hospital. For a few hours patients can enjoy the entertainment of dancers, maqerettes, calyposnians and other music. While the general public is also invited and a lot of them turn out, this event has a focus on the patients and the staff that care for them.

Tuesday - April 22nd

St. Thomas Carnival

Lionel Roberts Stadium, St. Thomas @ 8:00pm
Event: Junior Calypso Competition. Children from the local elementary, Jr. High and High Schools, take part in this competition. They compose the Calypso tunes themselves and perform them with the assistance of musicians. Winners are awarded prizes. The young people are provided assistance from music insctructors months before the event to help new entries and seasoned performers refine their skills.

Wednesday - April 23rd

St. Thomas Carnival

Lionel Roberts Stadium, St. Thomas @ 8:00pm
Event: Cultural Night, King & Queen of the Band. This event features groups from schools, troupes, organizations as well as individuals. They depict various aspects of the Virgin Islands culture including music and dance. Entertainment typically includes Quadrille Dancing, Maypole dancers, twirlers and more.

Thursday - April 24th

St. Thomas Carnival

Lionel Roberts Stadium, St. Thomas @ 8:00pm
Event: VI Calypso Competition. Calypso performers compose their lyrics often based on local, national and international news and rumors. Up to ten calypsonians compete based on their lyrics, performance and stage presence. At the competition the Calypso Monarch is selected and they reign as the calypso champion of Carnival.

Friday - April 25th

St. Thomas Carnival

Fort Christian Parking Lot, St. Thomas @ 6:00pm
Event: Opening of Carnival Village. Carnival Village, often refered to simply as 'the Village' or 'Village' is the scene of nightly entertainment and fun. It is the heart of the Carnival activities. The Fort Christian Parking lot is converted into a fairgrounds; about 30 booths, painted in bright colors with Carnival themes, sell Caribbean food as well as drinks. Nightly entertainment includes 2 to 3 different bands that play into the night. A children's area includes a few Coney Island amusement park rides and games. It is common to find lots of people at the village. The Carnival committee mentions a few thousand each night! It's a popular place for Carnival. Nightly entertainment through to May 3rd.

Saturday - April 26th

St. Thomas Carnival

Lionel Robers Stadium, St. Thomas @ 8:00pm
Event: Calypso Revue. A much anticipated event, the Calypso Revue brings together the greatest local, regional and international calypsonians for one night. Calypso lyrics cover current news, historical events, international news, or fun plays on words related to adult topics. Its an event where calyposians show off their skill at singing with wit, humor and state presence.

Sunday - April 27th

St. Thomas Carnival

Charlotte Amalie Harbor, St. Thomas @ 10:00am
Event: Water Sports Activities. Join spectators on the waterfront apron to watch powerboats and jet skis race. Originally this event included homemade boats and canoes but times have changed and people take to the sea with power. A scene that includes local food being sold along the spectator area, motors blaring in the distance, a beautiful view of the harbor and the cheers of those watching is what you can expect.

St. Thomas Carnival

Lionel Roberts Stadium, St. Thomas @ 5:00pm
Event: Steelband Jamboree. Enjoy the sweet sounds of pan at this Carnival favorite. School steelpan bands, church organizations and adult groups participate. A variety of music and arrangements can be enjoyed. The jamboree is a wonderful opportunity to support young musicians and to hear great steelpan music.

Tuesday - April 29th

St. Thomas Carnival

Market Square, St. Thomas @ 6:00pm
Event: Pre-Teen Tramp. During the Pre-Teen Tramp, youngsters twelve and under, tramp their way from Market Square to Roosevelt Park. The beautiful sounds of steel pan music create the excitement for this street party for students from various schools. The school with the largest number of participants wins the coveted trophy.

St. Thomas Carnival

Market Square, St. Thomas @ 8:00pm
Event: Senior Citizens' Quelbe Tramp. Carnival is for all ages and this event is for the seniors. Seniors, 65 and older, in addition to people of all ages that come out to show support and enjoy the fun, enjoy the sounds of traditional stratch band. They tramp from Rothschild Francis Square to the Village.

Wednesday - April 30th

St. Thomas Carnival

Emancipation Garden, St. Thomas @ 8:00am
Event: Cultural Fair. Cultural Fair is day long celebration of island food! A variety of booths sell different local dishes, deserts, drinks and fruits. Also available are plants, arts and crafts. Booths and tables are organized by individuals, schools, churches and businesses. Dishes you might sample include kallalloo, conch, fried fish, johnny cakes, pate, coconut tart, tamarind stew, cakes, passionfruit juice, ginger beer and so much more. Some of the deserts and preserves you will only find during Carnival and the holidays, so this is your chance. You will also find handmade dolls, wooden crafts, handmade jerwerly, beads, clothing and other items. The event includes music and entertainment - usually traditional dance performances. It is an event worth attending in order to sample Virgin Islands culture.

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Visit the top attractions and beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands with this beautiful, full color, pictorial guidebook. Some of the sights included for St. Thomas are: Charlotte Amalie, Bluebeards Castle, Legislature Building, Fort Christian, Lutheran Church, the Synagogue, Morningstar Beach, Coki Beach, Magens Bay. For St. John: Cruz Bay, Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Annaberg Plantation and Coral Bay.

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