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Trunk Bay


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Best swimming and clearest water this 61 year old

Wife and I came here for our retirement vacation and are blown away by the Virgin Island's beauty. Stayed on St Thomas and ferried over to St John two days. At Trunk Bay if you venture 50 or 100 feet past the snorkle trail, there is even more unwater coral formations and a few more varieties of fish. If you travel to the USVI, you should not miss swimming and snorkling at Trunk Bay. Best beach and clearest water I have ever seen. Life guards make you feel safe and okay to swim all the way around the coral island. The sea grape trees offer great shade but are taken early. Excellent place for children to play.

Gorgeous Beach

Gorgeous beach, the water was so beautiful – as clear as a swimming pool. It was so clear that sitting on the shore I could see a stingray swim by in the water. Awesome water clarity. Shore was soft white sand. Found a shady spot under the seagrape trees along the shore; they were a little low to the ground but sufficient. Shore was nice and long for taking a walk. In the water it’s all sandy so again nice for walking in the water or just wading. The snorkeling trail was neat, followed along the left side of the little island in the bay. The coral wasn’t healthy but some nice soft corals and sea fans. Saw some schools of parrotfish and some other fish, a few squid, large schools of tiny fish and a turtle and sting ray in the bay. Grabbed a burger and drink at the food shack a short distance from the shore – it was all tasty and good. Great day on a beautiful beach!

Trunk Bay = 5 Stars

Trunk Bay is definitly a lovely beach to take a swim or relax at. The views are amazing and I still need to try the underwater trail. This is a lovely and great beach to come to.

Snorkeling at Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay is an awesome snorkeling area, with the guided underwater tour. The beach is spectacular with facilities tto make things convenient. If you have time, take a picnic lunch and enjoy an entire day. There are many people but there is still enough space to find a little piece of beach to yourself. Absolutely beautiful and a must do for St. John!!

Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay is world famous for a reason, you have to see it to believe it. The photos always look fake, but it's actually more beautiful than the pics. We chose the day with least amount of ships on St. Thomas - so it wasn't too bad, but it can be very crowded. Lots of amenities, snack bar, rental equipment, etc. Good snorkling for beginners.

Snorkeling at Trunk Bay

If you are new to using swim fins and are in water less then 7' DO NOT stop to lift your head out of water and tread water. Your swim fins hit the Coral, especially the fan Coral, and destroys them!!! Swim out about 50' to the deeper sandy area and adjust your mask to your heart's content. I saw this happen several times today and I'm amazed there is anything left to see.

6 results - showing 1 - 6  
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