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St. Croix Beach Guide

St. Croix’s palm-lined and sun-kissed beaches call visitors to spend a couple hours and sometimes the entire day enjoying the natural beauty. Miles of secluded spots can be found along St. Croix’s shores; in fact, many beaches on St. Croix are continuous, with different segments having different names.

Take a look at the 23 beaches included in this guide and select your favorites; you are certain to find a few!

  • Cane Bay


    Cane Bay, St. Croix

    Cane Bay is a great spot for sunbathing, walking, snorkeling, having a cool drink at a beach bar or just hanging out. The long white sand beach is lined...

  • Mermaid Beach (at Buccaneer)


    Mermaid Beach (at Buccaneer), St. Croix

    Mermaid Beach is a great white sand beach and is home to the Buccaneer Resort. The shore is dotted with many tall, beautiful coconut trees; they provide ample shade...

  • Buck Island Beach


    Buck Island Beach, St. Croix
  • Rainbow Beach

    West End

    Rainbow Beach, St. Croix

    Rainbow beach is a small, sandy bay. On the far right and left it gets rocky, however the beach itself is mostly sandy. Limited to no shade. A...

  • Coakley Bay


    Coakley Bay, St. Croix

    Coakley Bay is a beautiful white sand beach that is often sparsely populated. The water has a good bit of sea grass in it so often the shoreline will...

  • Dorsch (Sandcastle Beach)

    West End

    Dorsch (Sandcastle Beach), St. Croix

    Dorsch is a beautiful long beach located a short distance from Frederiksted. The shoreline is mostly sandy but there are a few rocky spots, this is the case in...

  • Davis Bay


    Davis Bay, St. Croix

    Davis Bay, a long sandy white beach, is typically quiet and relaxing. The middle of the bay has some rocks and the far left side experiences some mild surf...

  • Protestant Cay


    Protestant Cay, St. Croix

    Take a short ferry ride over from Christiansted to Protestant Cay, home of Hotel on the Cay. The sandy little beach on Protestant Cay is delightful for sunning and...

  • Sandy Point

    West End

    Sandy Point, St. Croix

    This 3-mile beach is the longest in the Virgin Islands. It is located at the southwest end of St. Croix, just south of Frederiksted. The vegetation in the area...

  • Shoy's Beach


    Shoy's, St. Croix

    Considered one of the prettiest beaches on St. Croix Shoy's has crystal clear water and white sand. A few sea grape trees line the long beach. The beach is...

  • Cramer's Park

    East End

    Cramer's Park, St. Croix

    A great beach and very popular with residents. On weekdays the beach might be sparsely populated but on weekends its party central with family picnics, parties, gatherings, sometimes camping...

  • Fort Frederik Beach

    West End

    Fort Frederik Beach

    Frederiksted Beach is walking distance from Frederiksted and the cruise ship pier. A small, lovely white sand beach that offers instant access to the lovely Caribbean Sea right from...

  • Grapetree Beach

    East End

    Grapetree Beach, St. Croix

    Grapetree Beach is a narrow, long, beautiful white sand beach. It runs along the same stretch as the Divi Beach. The shoreline is perfect for a nice, relaxing day...

  • Sprat Hall

    West End

    Sprat Hall, St. Croix

    This is a pretty bay located a short drive from Frederiksted. The beach is mostly sand with some areas of rocks. The water has a gentle surf and...

  • The Grotto (at Buccaneer)


    The Grotto (at Buccaneer), St. Croix

    The Grotto is located at the Buccaneer Resort, just one cove over from Mermaid Beach. The Grotto is mostly sandy with a rocky shoreline area. The beach is long...

  • Divi Beach

    East End

    Divi Beach, St. Croix

    This lovely white sand beach offers you a relaxing day in the sun. Palm trees line the sandy shoreline. Home to Divi Carina Bay Resort this beach is in...

  • Jack's Bay

    East End

    Jack's Bay, St. Croix

    Located on the far eastern end of St. Croix are Jack and Isaac Bays. They include 301-acres (122-hectares) of white sand beaches and upland forests and make up one...

  • Reef Beach


    Reef Beach, St. Croix

    Reef is a small, quiet beach. The water can be a bit choppy. There are some rocks in the water and many areas with seagrass. It is a popular...

  • Isaac Bay

    East End

    Isaac Bay, St. Croix

    Located on the far eastern end of St. Croix are Jack and Isaac Bays. They include 301-acres (122-hectares) of white sand beaches and upland forests and make up one...

  • Tamarind Reef Bay


    Tamarind Reef Bay, St. Croix

    Tamarind Reef Bay is a nice beach to enjoy a variety of activities; lay out on the beach, sit under one of the palm trees that line the shore,...

  • Columbus Landing


    Columbus Landing, St. Croix

    Columbus Landing is a small, white sand bay with some pebble filled spots. There is a good shell searching, but remember it is illegal to remove seashells from beaches...

  • Chenay Beach


    Chenay Beach, St. Croix

    Chenay Beach is a pretty little beach. Home to a hotel with the same name, the beach is open to the public. This white sand beach offers both a...

  • Manchenil Beach


    Manchenil, St. Croix

    Manchenil is a very long, white sand beach on the south side of St. Croix. Accessible by a dirt road, look for the pink pillars off South Shore Rd....

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