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St. Thomas Beach Guide

St. Thomas has over 40 major beaches along its sun-drenched coasts. There are strands with crystal blue water and swaying coconut trees where a beach bum can enjoy a lazy-lazy day. For restless beachgoers, there are sandy coves with activities like windsurfing and kayaking. Some shores are rugged and rocky, offering beauty, solitude, and the opportunity to daydream about castaway fantasies. And there are widely popular bays with amenities like restaurants and chair rentals.

In this St. Thomas Beach Guide, you will find 20+ of the island’s most popular beaches and a few off-the-beaten-track spots, complete with descriptions, amenities, maps, photos, and reviews. Whether you are looking for snorkeling, people-watching, a family beach, or the perfect spot for your beach wedding, you will find it here!

  • Magens Bay Beach


    Magens Bay, St. Thomas

    The Ultimate Guide to Magens Bay Beach, St. Thomas Welcome to Magens Bay Beach on the island of St. Thomas. Magens Bay is the most popular, most...

  • Lindquist Beach

    East End

    Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas

    Lindquist Beach is one of St. Thomas' most beautiful and pristine beaches. It is part of a protected 21 acre area called Smith Bay Park. The gorgeous, crystal clear,...

  • Sapphire Beach

    East End

    Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas

    Sapphire is a pretty white sand beach. Sea grape trees on the right side offer shade to beach goers; and sun worshippers can enjoy basking in the sun on...

  • Coki Point

    East End

    Coki Point, St. Thomas

    Coki Point is a small, pretty, well-visited beach. It is loved by many for its lively vibe and easy snorkeling. Cruise-ship passengers dominate the beach during the week, and...

  • Secret Harbor

    East End

    Secret Harbor, St. Thomas

    Secret Harbor is a small, lovely beach. Nestled in a quiet, protected bay the water is usually very calm; perfect for swimming. Snorkeling is good along the rocky coastline...

  • Little Magens


    Little Magens, St. Thomas

    Little Magens is actually part of Magens Bay. On the right along the Peterborg Peninsula, which frames Magens Bay, are a few little sandy coves, the largest is called...

  • Brewers Bay

    West End

    Brewers Bay, St. Thomas

    Brewers Bay is a gem hidden in plain sight. Its sun-drenched shore is presided over by lush green hills on the right, and the University of the Virgin Islands...

  • Lindbergh Bay

    West End

    Lindbergh Bay, St. Thomas

    Both have neat open-air beachfront bars for enjoying the trade winds and a refreshing drink. Several restaurants are available for having a nice lunch or grabbing a quick snack....

  • Great Bay

    East End

    Great Bay, St. Thomas

    Located on the East End of St. Thomas, Great Bay shares its sands and surroundings with The Ritz Carlton Club. With a luxury timeshare on site you can expect...

  • Cowpet Bay

    East End

    Cowpet Bay, St. Thomas

    Cowpet is a great little beach with crystal clear water. It offers a peaceful ambiance yet is well developed, this provides a unique atmosphere of quiet charm and convenience...

  • Bolongo Bay


    Bolongo Bay, St. Thomas

    Palm frond umbrellas line the left side of the bay and coconut trees with hammocks can be found on the right side. Bolongo Bay is often quiet and offers...

  • Turtle Cove

    East End

    Turtle Cove, St. Thomas

    This pretty cove is home to one of St. Thomas' most luxurious resorts, the Ritz Carlton. The resort has several restaurants and bars for you to enjoy and a...

  • Hull Bay


    Hull Bay, St. Thomas

    Everything You Need to Know About Hull Bay Beach Before You Go In the first part of this article about Hull Bay Beach, we cover location, general...

  • Limetree Beach


    Limetree Beach, St. Thomas

    Limetree Beach is a small, pretty beach that runs along a natural cove. Perfect for a quiet day of laying out, having a few drinks, reading a book and...

  • Morningstar


    Morningstar, St. Thomas

    The shoreline is smooth, soft sand. A beachside restaurant and bar is available for refreshments and lunch. A watersports booth offers paddle boats, kayaks, sailboats, jet skis and more....

  • Vessup Bay

    East End

    Vessup Bay, St. Thomas

    Vessup Bay is a lovely beach. The shoreline is mostly undeveloped and there you will find a variety of flora; sea grape trees, cacti, century plants among others. The...

  • Dorothea Bay


    Dorothea Bay, St. Thomas

    Dorothea Bay has a very tropical atmosphere; lush green hills surround the wind blown beach. It is usually scarcely populated to unpopulated. Waves crash against the rocky coast and...

  • Sugar Bay

    East End

    Sugar Bay, St. Thomas

    Sugar Bay is a tiny, bikini sized, nook of a beach along the eastern shore of St. Thomas. You can easily see from one end of the sandy shoreline...

  • Water Bay

    East End

    Water Bay, St. John

    Water Bay, also known as Pineapple Bay and Margaritaville St. Thomas (names of hotels/condos located there) is a quiet beach. The water usually has a gentle surf. A few...

  • Mandahl Bay


    Mandahl Bay, St. Thomas

    Mandahl Bay is usually sparsely populated with the exception of a couple people fishing from shore. The beach has a rustic, natural charm to it; be it the pelicans...

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