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St. Croix: Transportation

St. Croix is twenty-eight miles in length and a little over 6 miles at the widest point. St. Croix scenery is beautiful and quiet diverse. There is much to see and appreciate. Travelers may choose from a variety of transportation options; buses, car rentals, limos, taxis, bicycles, scooters, walking, horseback. Your best bet for exploring the island is to rent a car and drive yourself around or to take a taxi tour.

St. Croix Car Rentals

Car Rental Agencies

Renting a car will allow you to see the island at your own pace. There are several agencies to choose from. Car rental agencies have a variety of vehicles; jeeps and cars to eight passenger vans. Renting a car is highly recommended if you plan to spend several days on the island.

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St. Croix Taxis & Rates

Taxis & Rates

Taxi Service is easy to use on St. Croix. Popular spots like the airport and cruise ship pier always have taxis waiting to assist you. Taxis can be called to pick you up at other destinations. Taxis charge per person by destination, there are no metered taxis.

Taxis & Rates


Inter-Island Air Service

Inter-island travel is also facilitated by commuter airlines. Learn more about Island hopping with one of our Inter-Islands carriers.

Inter-Island Carriers

Public Transportation System

The Vitran Public Bus System services various areas of the island. Air-conditioned buses run between Christiansted and Frederiksted about every 2 hours daily from 5:30 am and 9pm. No service on Sundays. They start at Tide Village, to Christiansted and travel along Route 75 to Golden Rock shopping center. They then make their way to Route 70 with stops at Sunny Isle Shopping Center, La Reine Shopping Center, St. George’s Botanical Gardens and Whim Plantation before getting to Frederiksted. Bus service is also available at the airport to Christiansted and Frederiksted. The fare is $1 a person. Senior Citizens receive a discounted fare of $.55. The Bus System is not very reliable, if you are limited in time it is not recommendable.

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