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Hiking Trails on St. John, VI National Park

The Virgin Islands National Park on St. John offers an assortment of unique hiking trails. You can find an enjoyable 30 minute stroll through a shady forest or an invigorating full day hike.
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Hiking Tips

  • Use a map to plan your hike.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Avoid hiking or swimming alone.
  • Allow for sufficient time to explore, swim and rest.
  • Remain on park trails - some trails cross private property, do not trespass into private property.
  • Wear cool clothing, comfortable walking shoes. Sandals are not recommended. Sneakers are your best option.
  • Protect yourself against the sun and insects.
  • Bring water and snacks.
  • Do not leave items or garbage on the trails. Make sure you leave with all the items you brought with you.
  • Do not remove anything from the park property; this includes but is not limited to shells, rocks, artifacts, flowers, plants and animals.
  • Pace yourself to prevent fatigue. Watch footing on wet rocks and trails made rough and slippery at times by heavy rainfall.
  • Do not eat unknown fruits, nuts or berries. Some plants and fruits are poisonous and can cause allergic reactions. Do not touch unfamiliar plants. Avoid handling or picking plant life that may harbor stinging insects, cause rashes, scratches or skin punctures. Many plants have thorns beware, look but don't touch. Some ground covering scrubs cause severe itching - it is in your best interest to stay on trails.
  • Do not climb on fragile historic structures. Leave artifacts in place.
  • Hike early and return early.

How to Determine Hiking Difficulty


  • Flat to little elevation gain.
  • Short to modest distance.
  • Someone in fair shape for hiking.
  • Trail is generally in good condition.


  • Moderate elevation gain.
  • Longer distance.
  • Someone in good shape for hiking.
  • Trail is generally in good condition.


  • Significant elevation gain.
  • Longer distance.
  • Someone in good shape for hiking.
  • Trail is generally in good condition.


  • Significant increase in elevation gain.
  • Significant increase in distance.
  • Someone in very good shape for hiking.
  • Trail is generally in good condition.


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