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St. John Beach Guide

Most visitors and locals will agree that when it comes to beaches on St. John a ‘good to best’ scale just would not do. The scale for describing St. John’s beaches is ‘Great’, ‘Greater’ and ‘It’s a secret so I am not telling anyone’.

All beaches on St. John are open to the public. Beachfront property however, in many cases is private and a few popular beaches have hotels nearby. Respect private property when accessing beaches.

It is illegal to collect shells from beaches in the Virgin Islands; shells are confiscated at airport customs. There are no clothing optional beaches in the Virgin Islands.

  • Honeymoon Beach


    Honeymoon Beach, St. John

    Honeymoon Beach is located on the North Shore of St. John, in the US Virgin Islands. The beach has soft, white sand on the shore and in the water....

  • Trunk Bay


    Trunk Bay, St. John

    Beautiful waters and wonderful white sand has made picturesque Trunk Bay one of the most popular beaches on St. John. Renowned for it's underwater snorkeling trail, Trunk Bay is...

  • Cinnamon Bay


    Cinnamon Bay, St. John

    Cinnamon Bay, at about 1 mile, is the National Park's longest beach. This great beach offers snorkeling, swimming, volleyball and more. A water-sports concession stand rents windsurfing equipment, kayaks...

  • Caneel Bay


    Caneel Bay, St. John

    Caneel Bay is a fabulous white sand beach lined with lovely tropical foliage. The water is usually very calm and crystal clear. Caneel Bay is home to the Caneel...

  • Maho Bay


    Maho Bay, St. John

    Maho Bay is located on the North Shore of St. John, in the US Virgin Islands. It is a favorite with visitors to the island. It is also...

  • Salt Pond Bay


    Salt Pond Bay, St. John

    Salt Pond Bay is a beautiful bay with amazingly clear water. The beach is often sparsely populated because it is a longer drive from Cruz Bay then most of...

  • Hawknest


    Hawksnest, St. John

    Hawknest, a National Park Beach, has gorgeous clear water and a pretty shoreline. A covered shed with picnic tables makes the beach a favorite with residents, particularly on weekends...

  • Great Cruz Bay

    West End

    Great Cruz Bay

    A beautifully manicured beach, Great Cruz Bay is the location of the Westin Resort. The beach is lined with palm trees and is very inviting. There are water sports...

  • Francis Bay


    Francis Bay, St. John

    Visit Francis Bay and you will find yourself on one of St. John's longest beaches. This beautiful beach has calm waters and a lovely, sandy shore. Often sparsely populated...

  • Denis Bay


    Denis Bay, St. John

    Denis Bay is a pretty and quiet beach. Its powdery white sand shore is often sparsely populated, primarily because its only accessible by a rugged trail or by boat....

  • Jumbie Bay


    Jumbie Bay, St. John

    Jumbie Bay is a lovely little beach. Often sparsely populated it is a great spot to enjoy some private beach time; spread your towel, beach blanket or just to...

  • Salomon Bay


    Salomon Bay, St. John

    Salomon is a small, lovely beach accessible only by trail, Lind Point Trail. As there is no road access the beach is often sparsely populated. Salomon is a great...

  • Leinster/Waterlemon Bay


    Leinster/Waterlemon Bay, St. John

    Leinster Bay, is bordered by the Leinster Bay Trail. The area before the parking lot is great for walking and exploring. Mangrove trees line the left side of the...

  • Brown Bay

    East End

    Brown Bay, St. John
  • Lameshur Bay


    Lameshur Bay, St. John

    There are two Lameshur Bays; Little Lameshur and Great Lameshur. Little Lameshur is a protected sand and rubble beach separated from Great Lameshur by Yawzi Point. The bays are...

  • Great Lameshur


    Great Lameshur, St. John

    Beautiful rocky beach with great snorkeling options. This beach is off the beaten path and its suggested that a 4x4 be used to access.

  • Little Cruz Bay

    West End

    Little Cruz Bay, St. John

    The first beach that you see when the ferry pulls into Cruz Bay is little Cruz Bay on the right and the left of the dock. Little Cruz Bay...

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