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Attractions on St. Croix, Virgin Islands

St. Croix encompasses 84 square miles of history, beaches, beautiful vistas, and culture. The island has many sites to see and enjoy, from wild life reserves and historical towns to underwater marine parks and botanical gardens. Both Christiansted and Frederiksted can be explored on a walking tour or self-guided. Outside of town, you can take a tour or rent a car and take in the island at your own pace.

St. Croix is rich with historic sites; most are associated with the plantation agriculture that made St. Croix a rich sugar-producing island during Danish reign. You can take a driving tour and visit many beautiful points and buildings of historical importance, like windmills, great houses, plantation villages, schoolhouses, and churches. There are many excellent examples of colonial architecture all over the island, and you will no doubt see dozens of mills scattered across St. Croix.

St. Croix is the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and its topography is very different from it’s sister islands. There are large expanses of agricultural flatlands, very mountainous and lush forests, and dry grassy plains. Several wildlife and ecological reserves offer you the rare opportunity to see endangered birds, turtles, and an incredibly diverse marine ecology. Exploring these natural areas is a treasure and will make for a memorable vacation.

With so much to see and do in St. Croix, it is a great idea to browse through the photos and descriptions of St. Croix’s attractions and make a plan of the things you would like to visit while vacationing on the island. If you are visiting St. Croix on a cruise, your time is more limited. Select the attractions and/or beaches you would like to visit in order to make your day on St. Croix rewarding and fulfilling!

  • Cruzan Rum Factory

    Mid-Island, Southside
    Cruzan Rum Factory, St. Croix
    Since the 1650's the Virgin Islands has produced some of the best rums in the world. Cruzan Rum has been made on location for some 300 years. Tour the...
  • Whim Plantation Museum

    Whim Plantation Museum, St. Croix
    History comes alive when you walk through the beautiful Whim Plantation, operated by the St. Croix Landmarks Society. Located on one of the 300 plantations that once dominated St....
  • Point Udall

    Point Udall, St. Croix
    On the arid easternmost point of St. Croix is Point Udall. The point was named for former Secretary of the Interior, Stuart Udall. The tranquil location of Point Udall...
  • Estate Little Princess

    North Shore
    Estate Little Princess, St. Croix
    Overlooking Christiansted is the 24-acre Little Princess Estate Nature Conservancy. This area was a sugar plantation in the 1730s and many of the buildings have been restored. There are...
  • The "Rain Forest"

    North Shore
    The "Rain Forest", St. Croix
    The ‘Rain Forest’ as it is called is a 15-acre dense forest of kapok trees, turpentine trees, fruit trees, ferns and an abundance of other vegetation. Although not a...
  • Estate Mount Washington

    West End
    Estate Mount Washington, St. Croix
    This former sugar estate was discovered buried in the forest in 1984 by the property’s owners. The property, including gardens and ruins, has since been restored. The plantation great...
  • Heritage Trail

    Heritage Trail, St. Croix
    St. Croix’s heritage trail traverses the entire island of St. Croix highlighting special sites, historical buildings, churches, flora and fauna and more. If you have an interest in island...
  • St. George's Botanical Gardens

    St. George's Botanical Gardens, St. Croix
    Created among the ruins of an 18th century sugar plantation the Botanical Gardens are a wonderful place to visit. The gardens are planted on 16 acres containing over 1000...
  • Lawaetz Family House

    Lawaetz Family House, St. Croix
    The Lawaetz Family House nestled in Estate Little La Grange northeast of Frederiksted, dates back over 100 years. It belonged to the Lawaetz Family and continues to be held...

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