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Christiansted, St. Croix

Christiansted, the capital of the Danish West Indies from 1755 to 1871, is one of two main towns on St. Croix. Located between a busy seaport and green hillsides, the town is well known for it’s many historic yellow buildings. The one-square-mile town of Christiansted offers you a unique opportunity to visit a historically important town as well as to partake in shopping and dining in a modern setting. Christiansted has maintained it’s Danish architectural richness and offers many buildings and structures of interest, like cobblestone walkways, old churches, and the imposing Fort Christiansvaen.

The United States National Park Service is responsible for maintaining the Christiansted historical area, which spans about 27 acres. It is located along the Christiansted waterfront, and it includes what used to be a busy Danish business and trading center. It was once the area used to dock ships carrying human cargo, rum, and molasses bound for the triangular trade route through the Caribbean to Europe and Africa. Christiansted is a very interesting town and well worth exploring.

  • Government House (Christiansted)

    Government House, St. Croix
    This building is one of the largest governor’s residences in the Lesser Antilles. Inside are reproductions of the original furniture. These furnishings were a gift from the Danish government...
  • Fort Christiansvaern

    Fort Christiansvaern, St. Croix
    Constructed in the late 1700s of yellow brick, Fort Christiansvaern is the best preserved of the five Danish forts remaining in the West Indies. The fort is a wonderful...
  • Old Danish Customs House

    Old Danish Customs House, St. Croix
    The beautiful yellow customs house sits in the lawn in front of the fort. The customs house was the third building in a local chain of commerce. After merchants...
  • Apothecary Museum

    Apothecary Museum, St. Croix
    This special building was a 19th century Danish colonial pharmacy and is the only Danish pharmacy museum in the Western Hemisphere that exist in its original building. The pharmacy...
  • Old Scale House

    Old Scale House, St. Croix
    Through the gates photographed here you enter a room will a large scale, thus the name scale house. The scale house saw countless hogheads of sugar pass through in...
  • The Steeple Museum

    The Steeple Museum, St. Croix
    The simple but pretty rectangular building directly across from the Fort's main entrance road was once the Lord God of Sabaoth Church. It was built in the early 1750's...

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