The US Virgin Islands Best Guide

The Story & Vision of

In 1999 a small team of St. Thomas’ residents started with a visitors guide to St. Thomas. The goal was to provide USVI travelers with an online community where they could learn about the USVI, plan their trips and share their experiences on a well organized, attractive website. Today the goal remains the same and has grown to include a guide for St. Croix, St. John, Water Island and a special section for cruise ship visitors. has two sister sites; which focuses on relocating to and living in the US Virgin Islands and an online store where you can find books, maps & souvenirs from the USVI.

Key Features

  • In-depth Guides to the Islands
  • Sections on Culture, History, Flora & Fauna
  • Visitor Reviews – restaurants, hotels, beaches and more
  • Message Board – one of the most popular for the USVI
  • Photo Albums – great photos
  • Local Event Calendar – monthly calendar, includes some event articles

Your Participation

Your participation on the site is appreciated: sign up for our newsletter, order some USVI books, join discussions on the forum, tell businesses you find on the site that you found them here, read and post reviews and enjoy the site! Thank you for your support!

Quotes from Site Visitors

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