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St. Croix: Activities Guide

St. Croix offers lots of activities to keep you busy everyday of your trip. You can kayak in the area Christopher Columbus visited in 1493 or go under the sea scuba diving on the famous Wall, get pampered with massages or spend the day exploring the National Parks. Visit the Beach GuideAttractions and Shopping for more information on these activities.
Day Charters

Day Charters

Enjoying the magnificent waters around St. Croix will be the highlight of your vacation.

Fishing St. Croix


Some 21 world records in fishing have been set in recent years in the Virgin Islands; evidence of the amazing experiences that are in store for anglers!

Cane Bay Diving


Explore corals and gorgonian forest of sea fans. Swim among turtles, parrotfish, blue tangs and so much more.

Buccaneer Golf Course, St. Croix

Golf & Tennis

Enjoy beautiful and scenic courses on the shoreline of St. Croix.

Turtle Watching

Turtle Watching

Several beaches on St. Croix are turtle nesting beaches