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St. Thomas, a top travel destination in the United States Virgin Islands, offers visitors a unique blend of historical attractions and modern amenities. The island is home to Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and has been the heart of St. Thomas' activities from colonial times to the present day. The historic buildings in downtown Charlotte Amalie offer a glimpse into the Danish era when the town was a bustling port of trade. Meanwhile, modern additions such as taxis, duty-free shops, souvenir vendors, and cruise ships in the harbor remind visitors that tourism currently drives the economy. Whether you're looking to explore the island's history or soak up its vibrant atmosphere, St. Thomas has something to offer everyone.

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Charlotte Amalie, the main area and the sub district, is home to almost half of the islands 51,000+ residents. Other residents live on the East End, West End, and North Side. These references might seem quite broad, but on an island of just 32 square miles, they work well. If you ask for directions, you are likely to hear them.

St. Thomas, known for its stunning mountainous landscapes, offers visitors breathtaking panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. Many roads around the island offer terrific panoramic views of the island and ocean. Amongst the hills on St. Thomas and along the beaches, you will find an assortment of accommodations; resorts, historic inns, guest houses, vacation homes, villas, and condos.

St. Thomas is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, offering excellent opportunities for a few beach days, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, a day charter, kiteboarding, sailing, fishing, kayaking and parasailing. While on land, you can take an island tour, visit some attractions or explore historical downtown sites while shopping. In the evening you can enjoy happy hour at a bar or restaurant, listen to live music and have dinner with a sublime view!

The Cyril E. King Airport serves travelers coming to St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. Visitors staying on St. John and Water Island will also land here and can easily day trip to St. Thomas; daily ferry service is available. Also St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands is connected to St. Croix, Virgin Islands by regular inter-island air service and ferry service.

The Travel Basics

Accommodations, Restaurants, Car Rentals & Taxis

Timeshare St. Thomas

Best Places to Stay in St. Thomas

Hotels, Guest Houses & Villas. Find the perfect place to stay on your St. Thomas vacation.
Accommodation List
Dining Guide

Top Restaurants in St. Thomas

Let your taste buds explore the flavors of St. Thomas. Over 100 different dining options available.
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Jeep Rental / Car Rental

Car Rental Options in St. Thomas

Renting a car is the best way to see the whole island at your own pace. Just remember we drive on the left.
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Taxi on St. Thomas

Taxis & Rates

Taxis are a popular transportation choice for visitors to St. Thomas. Find rates and private taxi options.
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What to Do and See

Top Activities & Attractions on St. Thomas

Get ready for thrilling adventures, as St. Thomas is overflowing with activities and captivating sites that will ensure each day of your holiday is filled with excitement! Take a look at our handpicked favorites for the most entertaining and lively experiences to have while uncovering the island's charms in St. Thomas:


Sonic Charters

Boat Rentals & Charters

Boating is always at the top of the must do list; island hop, stop at fun beach bars, snorkel. Charter Boat List

Fury Sailing

Sailing Charters

Sail on beautiful waters, snorkel, bask in the sun… sure to be a highlight of your vacation. Sailing Boat List

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Explore the fascinating underwater world; coral reefs, sunken ships and more. Take lessons and get certified while on vacation! More

Animal Encounters, St. Thomas

Animal Encounters

Get up close and learn about interesting land and sea animals; feed an iguana and birds, swim with turtles, sea lions and dolphins! More

Snorkeling St. Thomas


Float along the surface and admire the beautiful marine life below; or join the fish below the water line! More

Ecotours St. Thomas

Ecotours & Kayaking

Explore the natural environment by a guided kayak, hiking or snorkeling adventure into ecologically fascinating areas. More

Parasailing St. Thomas

Parasailing & Jet Ski

Have some fun. Parasailing and jet ski rentals and tours are vacation favorites that are sure to put a smile on your face. More

Virgin Islands Tours

Taxi or Jeep Tours

Take a tour and enjoy beautiful vistas, historic buildings, scenic drives and lovely scenery. Tour by taxi, by boat, by foot, by air. More


Fort Christian, St. Thomas
Explore historical Charlotte Amalie, Fort Christian, Bay Marina, or take in some stunning views from Mountain Top or Drakes seat.
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Island Hopping

The Virgin Islands, including both the US and the British islands, are made up of more than 120 islands, cays and islets. Read more

St. Thomas - Tortola, BVI Ferry

Island hopping between the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands is an option by ferry. The most popular route is between the islands of St. Thomas (USVI) and Tortola (BVI).

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Beaches, shopping, and & Nightlife

Exciting Things To See in St. Thomas

St. Thomas is a Caribbean island filled with stunning beaches, fantastic duty-free shopping, and an exciting nightlife scene. Our Beach Guide will help you enjoy sunbathing and water activities to the fullest. Find great bargains on jewelry and rum, and immerse yourself in the lively evening entertainment.

Little Magens, St. Thomas

St. Thomas Beach Guide

Explore the white sand of Magens Bay, Coki Point, Lindquist beach and 40 other beaches with photos, amenities & reviews. Read More

Shopping, St Thomas

Duty Free Shopping

St. Thomas is home to world renowned shopping! Hundreds of duty free shops line the streets and alleys. Read More

St. Thomas Nightlife


Fancy a night of dancing, bar hopping, or karaoke? Both Charlotte Amalie and Red Hook feature bars and clubs where you can enjoy a fusion of American chart-toppers and beloved Caribbean tunes. Read More

Yachts, Real Estate, and Wedding Planning

Premium Services in St. Thomas

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, St. Thomas is a dream destination for couples seeking the perfect wedding venue. Beyond its romantic charm, the island boasts prime real estate for vacation homes and savvy investments. And for unparalleled yachting adventures, St. Thomas stands as the Caribbean's premier gateway.

Charter Yacht Show 2019

Virgin Islands Yacht Charters

Explore the Virgin Islands on a weeklong yacht charter. Crewed and bareboat adventures on catamarans, motor yachts, and sailing vessels. Book a yacht charter today!

Real Estate St. Thomas

St. Thomas Real Estate

The real estate market on St. Thomas includes houses, land, condos, timeshare and commercial properties. Read More

Getting Married on St. Thomas

Wedding Planning

A wedding on St. Thomas will be a magical beginning to your new life as husband and wife, or celebrate your anniversary with a vow renewal. Read More

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"St. Thomas Uncovered: Exotic Getaways, Expert Advice, and Essential Attractions" is the newest section of our travel blog dedicated to the captivating St. Thomas. Dive into a world of island adventure as we share hidden gems, local recommendations, and unforgettable experiences on this mesmerizing Caribbean paradise.
Mangrove Lagoon Marine Reserve, St. Thomas

Kayaking in the St. Thomas, Mangrove Lagoon

Discover the unparalleled beauty and vibrant wildlife of the Mangrove Lagoon Marine Reserve & Wildlife Sanctuary on a Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventure Tour.
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Magens Bay Beach, St. Thomas

Magens Bay: 10 Tips for Avoiding Crowds on St. Thomas’ Most Popular Beach

Magens Bay Beach is the most popular beach on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, and one of the island’s top attractions in general. A scenic shoreline, crystal clear water, and beautiful trees and forest nearby, plus the park’s amenities; make this beach a favorite with visitors and residents alike. With all the love…
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Freediving Virgin Islands

Top 5 Beaches for Snorkeling on St. Thomas

One of the most popular vacation activities in the Virgin Islands is snorkeling. Its therefore no surprise that at we get asked "what are the best beaches for snorkeling" quite a lot. So here you go, our Top 5 Beaches for Snorkeling on St. Thomas. We considered: ease of snorkeling and included only easy and moderate…
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Arriving on a Cruise Ship?

Essential Cruise Ship Information for St. Thomas Visitors

Arriving in St. Thomas, cruise-goers will be enchanted by the picturesque Caribbean harbor. Unearth our cruise-centric FAQ, explore recommended sights and activities for visitors, access monthly cruise schedules, and learn about navigating the island, all to make your stay truly unforgettable.

Cruise Ship FAQ's

Banks, Cell Phone Service, Climate, Currency, History, Island Tabos, Weather, Language, Holidays, Population, Post Office, High/Low Season. Read More

Things To Do & See

Beaches, British Virgin Islands, Getting Married, Hotel Day Use, Points of Interest, Shopping, Snorkeling, Day Trips. Read More

Getting Around

Dock Info, Ferry Schedule, Taxi Rates by Destination (includes driving time), Car Rental and much more. Read More

Cruising to St. Thomas? Monthly Cruise Ship Schedule!

As a prime destination for cruise ships, St. Thomas boasts two distinct docking areas. Determine your vessel's designated mooring spot.
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