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Kayaking & Ecotours in St. Thomas

Explore protected areas on and around St. Thomas by kayak, on an eco-tour, or on your own. The Mangrove Lagoon Preserve is the most popular area that you can explore on a guided eco-tour. The preserve has a complex series of small islands fringed with red mangroves. It is also home to Cas Cay, a small island where you can swim, snorkel, and take a coastal walk along a trail to Red Point Blow Hole. You can explore this area on your own too, by renting a kayak.

Some watersports shacks on beaches in St. Thomas offer kayak rentals. You can use them to paddle within the bay. There is also the opportunity to enjoy a night kayak in St. Thomas. Night kayaking is a cool experience. Kayak in the evening for a chance to see nocturnal marine animals. Guides accompany you when night kayaking and point out interesting sights. Some kayaking outfits use clear-bottom kayaks with LED light systems to help make the night kayak experience possible. Here are some of the fun kayaking and ecotour options available in St. Thomas, USVI.

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