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The US Virgin Islands Best Guide

Accommodations on St. John, Virgin Islands

St. John provides relative seclusion for vacationers. There is a mix of resorts, camping, inns and villas to choose from; they fill up quickly, particularly during winter months.

The main “towns” are Cruz Bay and Coral Bay. Several small inns are available in those areas, as are a few vacation homes and condos. A stay in these areas will allow easy access to popular restaurants, bars and shopping. Access to beaches will require a short 8-20 minute drive depending on destination.


A popular choice for visitors to St. John is a villas. You will feel like a king or queen in one of these spectacular homes. Private pools, guest services including caterer if wanted, amazing views and tranquility will make you want to stay forever. Villas are located throughout the island.

St. John Villas List

Hotels & Resorts

On St. John you will find a few luxury resorts, they invite you to be waited on; to dine on beachfront property and to have your every reasonable request met. Situated on spectacular beaches, offering luxury and fabulous diversions the resorts on St. John are a perfect retreat.

St. John Hotels & Resorts List

Inns and B&B’s


In contrast to the main developed areas the remainder of the St. John, primarily the National Park areas remain forested and undisturbed. St. John boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and dramatic vistas to be seen in the Virgin Islands. To enjoy the National Park a stay at a campground will meet all your needs.