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Water Island: Activities & Sights

Water Island is quiet and tranquil, a perfect place to relax. It is an island where you literally feel time slow down as soon as you step off the ferry. So you are asking, "What is there to do on quiet, peaceful, tranquil Water Island?" You can enjoy an invigorating guided bike tour of the island; start from the fort, go around the island and end at beautiful Honeymoon Beach. Or visit Fort Segarra and Carolina Point Plantation ruins on your own while hiking around the island. How about taking a sail & snorkel charter from St. Thomas or a fishing charter. You can go to the beach to swim, snorkel or picnic, spend a day island hopping to St. Thomas or go line fishing from the deep-water dock in Flamingo Bay.

Plantation Ruins

Water Island's history of ownership post-colonization is very interesting. It was uncommon to find non-white plantation owners; however, numerous free-colored men owned Water Island and operated plantations on it. Those plantations can be seen today. There remains are of great historical value. Providence Point Plantation has been incorporated into a private home, and it is presently privately owned. Remains include a cistern and bake oven, both clearly visible from the road. A National Park Service Team under the direction of David Anderson excavated the Carolina Point Plantation in 1998. The Plantation is considered a valuable archaeological area because of its remarkable degree of preservation and historical significance. The remains include masonry foundations, cisterns, bake ovens, rubble walls of a great house, house-like structures, and slave cabins. Click here for Hiking/Walking Directions to Carolina Point Plantation.

Military Structures

There are several military structures on Water Island, mainly ammunition bunkers and platforms designated as possible light or gun emplacements. The ammunition bunkers are built into the north side of Carolina Point. Some structures are on private property. Fort Segarra is an underground fort, part of the United States' defense strategies during World War II. Its purpose was to help protect a submarine base on St. Thomas. The war ended before its completion, and the project was subsequently abandoned. Visitors to Water Island can view gun emplacements, walk inside tunnels, and visit underground rooms. The observation deck on the roof of the fort offers a great panoramic view of Water Island, the ocean and neighboring islands. Click Here for Hiking/Walking Directions to Fort Segarra.
Note: Underground rooms and tunnels are dark and in some areas the flooring is broken with exposed pipes and wires; a flashlight and caution should be used when visiting.
Note: Fort Segarra and Carolina Point Plantation are not set up as museums or parks. Please explore these buildings of historical and archaeological importance in a responsible, respectful, and careful manner for their preservation and for your safety.
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Fort Segarra

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