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Water Island General Information

Water Island offers privacy and relaxation. There are no hotels, no gas stations, no taxis, no traffic… no interruptions! Water Island is great for a vacation and is an easy and fun day trip from St. Thomas. Learn more about Water Island, click on the topics below or scroll down the page and read it all.


There are no stores on Water Island, this includes grocery stores. For those staying on Water Island for a few days it is necessary to either grocery shop on St. Thomas or use a provisioning service on St. Thomas that services Water Island. The ferry to Water Island departs from Crown Bay Marina on St. Thomas and there is grocery store located at the marina. Provisioning services will pick up the groceries and items you request and deliver them to your villa or rental on Water Island for a fee.


161 people (2000 Census). Number of people on island fluctuates during winter months when seasonal residents are on island.

Religious Service/Houses of Worship

There are no churches on Water Island. You can however, take the ferry over to St. Thomas to attend religious services.

Size and Geography

Water Island is 2½ miles long and ½ to 1 mile long. It encompasses 491.5 acres. The island has an irregular shape with many bays and peninsulas. The highest Point is 300 feet above sea level. The island is of volcanic origin. Visit: Water Island Map

What to Bring

It is not necessary to bring dressy clothing. Bring a swimsuit or two and some comfortable summer cloths; shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sandals and sneakers. If you are going to spend some time on one of the other Virgin Islands then bring appropriate clothing for the activities you will take part in on those islands.

Day Visitors

Bring bottled drinking water, towel, sunscreen & whatever else you think you might need. If your intent is to hang out at Honeymoon Beach, food and drinks can be bought on the beach. Visit: the Dining Section for more information.  If you intend on hiking around the island you should bring a picnic lunch and water with you.

Getting Around – Transportation

Transportation on Water Island is truly unique! There are no taxis and no buses. There are golf carts, cars and feet! For a daytrip you can walk from the ferry dock to Honeymoon Beach and around the general area with ease. If you plan to do lots of hiking and walking its a good idea to wear comfortable sneakers. Many vacation rentals on Water Island come with a golf cart or car; inquire when making reservations. Hitch hiking is an option.

Helpful Tips

Who should Visit

Water Island is very quiet, primarily because it is relatively undiscovered as far as vacation destinations in the USVI go. It is not for everyone. If you are looking for a quiet vacation, a couple with small children looking for family time or a couple longing for a private retreat; then vacationing on Water Island can be a great time. If you enjoy walking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, fishing and just spending lazy days reading a book while laying in a hammock, you will be content on Water Island. If you are looking for bars, nightclubs, hours of shopping… you won’t find it on Water Island but these facilities are available on St. Thomas, which is only a 10 minute ferry ride away.

Conserve Water

The fresh water source on Water Island is rain collected in cisterns. Please help conserve this natural resource (take short showers, don’t run the water while brushing your teeth or while doing dishes).

Don’t Litter

There is limited public works activity on Water Island. Residents take pride in organizing beach and island clean ups; make their work easier and clean up after yourself. For day visitors from St. Thomas cleaning up after yourself should include taking your garbage back to St. Thomas with you and disposing of it in garbage receptacles there.

Utilities & Infrastructure

Electricity is provided by the VI Water and Power Authority and telephone service by Innovative Communication. Roadways are completely developed and paved. Mail delivery is via US Postal Service through St. Thomas; however there is no post office on Water Island. Internet service is available. The island is administered by the Territorial Government of the Virgin Islands.


Honeymoon Beach is a lovely location for a beach wedding. Inquires about getting married on Water Island should be made to any of the St. Thomas wedding coordinators. Visit: Weddings in the Virgin Islands for more information.

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