St. Thomas is known for its beautiful vistas, historic buildings and gorgeous scenery. Its also a starting point for visiting neighboring islands, like St. John. How you take it all in is up to you.

Island Tour by Taxi

The most popular way to take a tour of the island is by taxi. Many of them use vans or open air safari buses. They will include popular sites and scenic look out points. Some tours include a combination of shopping, sightseeing and a couple hours at the beach. Customized tours are available too. If you want to head to St. John your tour will start with a boat ride to Cruz Bay, St. John and then will continue with a safari taking your around to popular spots. Visit the Featured Tours below for more information.

Featured Islandtours

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The popular taxi vehicle used for island tours is called a safari. Its a truck which has been outfitted with bench seating in the back. It is open air but covered. Safari buses vary in size, some can hold up to 26 passengers, for this reason these tours are often group tours. Private tours can be requested or arranged and there are smaller vans, SUVS and cars that serve as taxis as well.

Taxi rates, including taxi tours, are set by the VI Taxicab Association. Examples include: Sightseeing Tour for 2 hours; one passenger $50, two or more passengers $25 per person. Tour for 3 hours; one passenger $60, two or more passengers $30 per person. When you choose exclusive, customized tours expect to pay more than the standard rate.

Aerial Tours

Get a bird’s eye view of St. Thomas and maybe the neighboring islands of Water Island and St. John on an aerial tour! Enjoy the thrill of flying, and the awe of experiencing the islands’ beauty from above. Fly over Magens Bay, Charlotte Amalie and the lush West End of the island – admire it all. Aerial tours are available by seaplane, airplane and helicopter. Aerial tours are a fantastic way to see the islands. Learn More


St. Thomas’ beauty extends from hill tops, to coastlines, to under the sea. You can explore the island’s natural beauty, learn about flora and fauna and enjoy an active day of hiking, snorkeling or kayaking by doing an eco-tour. Several protected areas of natural and historical value exists. One of the most popular is the Cas Cay and Mangrove Lagoon Marine Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuaries on the East End of St. Thomas. Guided tours of its bird filled islands and Red Cliffs Blow Hole are available. Learn More

Guided Walking & Historical Tours

The rich history of Charlotte Amalie, the former capital of the Danish West Indies, can be appreciated by taking a tour with a professional and knowledgeable guide. Learn about the ballast that was used to pave streets of steps by the Danish, the pirate legends of Bluebeards and Blackbeards, see the beautiful architecture of historic houses and view old canons still positioned to protect the harbor. Just inside the Charlotte Amalie harbor is Hassel Island, part of the Virgin Islands National Park and home to several fascinating historic sites. Tours are available to Hassel Island.

If you prefer to explore on your own visit the Attractions section of this site where you will find information on the historical sights in Charlotte Amalie listed in a format that allows it to be used for doing a self guided tour. If you want to explore the island on your own consider Renting a Car.

There is so much to do and see on St. Thomas, explore your options and decide which you will most enjoy!

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