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St. Thomas Snorkeling Trips

In St. Thomas snorkeling is a top vacation activity. You can snorkel with a guide, on a kayak trip, or you can join a boat-snorkel tour. You can also snorkel on your own at several beaches on St. Thomas. We list some great snorkeling tours below, and provide tips for snorkeling on your own. Many visitors to the Virgin Islands hope to snorkel, see, and swim with sea turtles. Great news, observing sea turtles in St. Thomas is highly likely. Other denizens of the sea that you might spot while snorkeling around St. Thomas include a variety of fish, sting rays, crabs, conch, squid, and an assortment of coral. Explore your snorkeling options, and have a fantastic time snorkeling in St. Thomas.

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Night Snorkeling in St. Thomas

Snorkeling in St. Thomas includes an exceedingly cool opportunity, guided night snorkeling! The ocean is a different place in the evening, some marine animals only come out at night, there is the possibility of bioluminescence, and a breathtaking view of the night sky. With a snorkeling guide and a special underwater light, you will be off on a memorable vacation experience.

Snorkeling on your own in St. Thomas

While vacationing or cruising in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands you can snorkel on your own at several beaches. Near shore reefs and rocky coastlines are areas you can explore. Conditions for snorkeling in St. Thomas are excellent. There is great visibility, comfortable water temperature, and calm beaches. Some of the best beaches on St. Thomas for snorkeling include Coki Point, Sapphire Beach, Brewers Bay, Hull Bay and Secret Harbor. Snorkeling is an easy watersport, but it does require some basic skills, snorkel gear, and a little snorkeling 101. Its best for your enjoyment and safety that you know how to swim, have respect for the ocean and marine environment, and have good fitting equipment. We put together a few articles about snorkeling in St. Thomas to help you, including tips for first time snorkelers, general suggestions for all snorkelers, the top 5 snorkeling beaches on St. Thomas, and alternatives to snorkeling like snuba and helmet dives.