St. John Beach Guide


Beautiful waters and wonderful white sand has made picturesque Trunk Bay one of the most popular beaches on St. John.


Salt Pond Bay is a beautiful bay with amazingly clear water.

East End

Brown Bay, a relaxing find at the end of a trail on the Eastend.

West End

A beautifully manicured beach, Great Cruz Bay is the location of the Westin Resort.

Most visitors and locals will agree that when it comes to beaches on St. John a 'good to best' scale just would not do. The scale for describing St. John's beaches is 'Great', 'Greater' and 'It's a secret so I am not telling anyone'. All beaches on St. John are open to the public. Beachfront property however, in many cases is private and a few popular beaches have hotels nearby. Respect private property when accessing beaches. It is illegal to collect shells from beaches in the Virgin Islands; shells are confiscated at airport customs. There are no clothing optional beaches in the Virgin Islands.

Beaches at a Glance

Click on Overview or Beach Name for more details.

Northside Overview | Map                                                               
Trunk Bay
Cinnamon Bay
Salomon Bay
Honeymoon Bay
Caneel Bay
Denis Bay
Jumbie Bay
Leinster/Waterlemon Bay
Francis Bay
Maho Bay
Southside Overview | Map                                                               
Salt Pond Bay
Great Lameshur Bay
Lameshur Bay
East End Overview | Map                                                               
Brown Bay
West End Overview | Map                                                               
Little Cruz Bay
Great Cruz Bay

Beach Information and Tips

  • All beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands are open to the public. Beyond a beach's tree line however is typically private property. Beaches with resorts onsite typically have a designated public access path. Resort amenities like chairs, watersports gear rentals and swimming pools are for registered resort guests only.
  • There are no clothing optional beaches on St. John; public nudity is illegal.
  • Removing shells from beaches on St. John is illegal.
  • Don’t feed marine life or sea birds. Food not naturally in their diet, like various human foods, can create health problems for these animals.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Wear sun block, a hat and sunglasses.
  • Sun, rum and fun can spell dehydration; drink plenty of water.

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Northside Beach Map

St. John Northside Beach Map


Southside Beach Map

St. John Southside Beach Map


East End Beach Map

St. John Beach Map


West End Beach Map

St. John Beach Map


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