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Coki Point
Coki Point
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Coki is a small, pretty beach located on Coki Point. The crystal clear water is usually very calm and deepens gradually. Natural shade is limited, however umbrellas are available for rent. A near shore rocky, reef area offers great snorkeling. A favorite with visitors and a popular stop on island tour itineraries, the beach gets crowded when multiple cruise ships are in port. Coki is equally popular with residents for picnics and parties so its common to find a crowd on Sundays and holidays. On crowded days the parking situation can be a bit crazy, there is parking available in some spots just off the road close to the beach but not a whole lot.

Beachside eateries and roadside food vans serve picnic table fare including burgers, sandwiches and some local dishes. Call it touristy or call it convenient; you will also find hair braiders, chair rentals, oodles of taxis, beach waiters serving refreshing drinks and vendors selling t-shirts, sunblock, art work, bags, wrap skirts, towels and more! There is a dive shop on site. A jet ski rental booth is located just across the road, opposite the beach and a few vendors rent snorkel gear, floats and noodles. To some the vendor's booths and shacks add to the atmosphere of the beach, for others it takes away from the scenery. Coki Beach is located right next to Coral World Marine Park; its easy to make a day of visiting both places.


Coki Point
Coki Point
Coki Point
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worth it!

Coki is a neat little place! well worth finding! The beach itself wasn't that impressive but the amazing clear water and snorkeling more than made up for it!! bought some great smoothies at a little hut. snorkel gear right there to rent like $10. would definitely go back! also you can get dog biscuits on the beach to inhance your snorkeling experience. fish follow you they are so pretty. and you can see clear way deep in the awesome water!

Most Fish Snorkeling Anywhere

Awesome beach, and you'll see more fish snorkeling here that you see anywhere else. Great time and day. Just keep an eye on your stuff.

coki beach

just returned one week ago and had a wonderful afternoon here. i was concerned due to recent negative reviews, but we found it to be great! the water was clear, warm, and many colorful fish. the beach was powder-soft and clean. the vendors were not bothersome at all. we felt very safe here- saw police circling thru. the locals were very friendly. we will definately return here for another visit!

Not one of the nicest!

Of all the beaches we visited the wk we were down there this was not one of my favorites. The beach was very dirty with food wrappers and cans and bottles. The locals really hound you to rent chairs and umbrellas. If you dont, they will let you know how they feel about it. The water was nice and the snorkeling was pretty good. If you bring a dog bisceut the fish will come and eat right out of your hand. {There is better snorkeling at secert hobour. Calm quiet water and GREAT reefs to the right of the beach along the rocks.} Dont get sucked into that this is the best.

Popular Little Beach

This is a popular little beach with cruise ship people and with residents. It is a small beach, both in length and width. The shore is white soft sand and it’s sandy in the water too. The water was super clear, like a swimming pool. Nice for swimming and wading around. The snorkeling was ok along the rocks on the right side, not much for coral but saw some different fish. Lots of vendors on the beach selling drinks, food and souvenirs (t-shirts, towels, other stuff), also some ladies doing hair braiding and vendors renting snorkel gear and chairs. A bit much but convenient for those interested. View out toward the beach is nice, back at the beach not so much with the various vendor booths/shacks. It was pretty quiet early in the morning but the shore got filled quickly with chairs and umbrellas and beachgoers in general as the morning proceeded.

Coki Beach the second time

The first time we visited Coki last year, we were a little put off by the people wanting to rent you chairs and parking. However, after you have had a taste of the excellent beach, good service, some exceptional snorkeling and diving, and learn this is how it is at Coki, you are in for a great time. This year we were there the third week in April and the water was a comfortable 81 degrees, crystal clear, and the experience was fantastic. We brought friends from North Carolina with us, and a great time was had by all. The plentiful wildlife under the turquoise waters made the diving and snorkeling a memorable trip. Colorful Carribean fish including parrots, seargent majors, an octopus, and even a squid that played games made you feel like you were in your own private aquarium. Someone was always availble to bring you a fresh drink, there are accomidations for dive and snorkel equipment, and the aquarium right next door which is an exellent facility with lots of activities, provided something for everyone. Yes, bathrooms are primative, however, we didn't go for the toilets. There are two primary reefs right off of the beach, one on the East end and one towards the rocks on the West side of the beach. Beautiful coral, soft sand, and visibility that was around 70 feet made you want to stay in the water even with a comfy lounge chair on the beach. Some don't like Coki because of it's surrounding area, however, once you are there you will find out why it is one of the top destination beaches in St. Thomas. Also, Coki Beach Dive Club has some of the friendliest staff of any dive operation I have every been with. The rum punch ain't bad either.

This is the Real St. Thomas

We visit Coki Beach at least once each year when we go to St. Thomas. This is where you get to enjoy the real local flavor of the Island. From Uncle Buddy's to the beautiful, colorful fish you see while snorkeling - it is a wonderful experience and we look forward to it each year. Order a Horny Turtle from Sasha as she strolls the beach taking orders - make sure it's frozen! The yellow fin fish with creole sauce is fabulous as well. You can rent chairs for the entire day for $5 each - and if you want can add an umbrella. Don't miss Coki on your visit - you'll miss a lot!

Fun & Fabulous!

The atmosphere here is very cool. There was a man singing and playing the steel drum when we were there. It is a great place to go if you only have one child because they are bound to find a playmate! The color of the water here makes for some beautiful pictures! We only stopped for a a few drinks and for my son to get some swim time in after going to Coral World, but had a wonderful time while we were there. We will be back for a whole day next time.


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