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When frequent visitors or residents are asked to name their favorite restaurant on St. Thomas the answer inevitably is never just one. Experienced chefs on the island create mouth-watering entrees. The selection they offer varies from continental cuisine to French, Chinese, Japanese, Caribbean, Italian and Mexican foods, just to name a few. Several restaurants are located in Charlotte Amalie and Frenchtown. Those located along the hillsides above Charlotte Amalie offer spectacular views of the harbor at night. Red Hook is another popular destination for restaurants. All large hotels have at least one restaurant and resorts often have several. So many restaurants and so little time. You can definitely dine at a different restaurant every day of your vacation!

Featured Dining

Restaurants vary greatly on the island. Dinner prices (for 2 people, including a minimal bar tab) ranges from $25-$40 for casual bar/restaurant to $50-$100 for a more formal restaurant and up to $125+ for appetizers, dinner and desert at a restaurant with great dining/view/service. Tip for wait staff is usually 18% of total bill. Parties of 6 or greater often have tip automatically added to the bill by the restaurant; the 6 party tip added is usually between 15-18%.

Getting to Know the Local Food

Caribbean food is a unique cuisine. Influenced by the various peoples who settled in the islands. It includes a large number of seafood and ground provisions. More on Local Foods

Local Events (that include Food)

The most popular food event is Carnival Food Fair. If you are visiting during a Carnival celebration be sure to attend. Dozens of booths are set up serving all sorts of local favorites including pates, lobster, fish, kallalo and more. They also serve local drinks and deserts too! Agriculture Fair is another good opportunity to sample local foods and deserts. Other food events include the annual Chilli Cook Off, which usually takes place in late summer. Visit the Events Schedule for more information on these and other local events.

Other Restaurants

Name Location Phone
The Palms Airport (340) 777-8800
Café Amici Charlotte Amalie (340) 714-7874
Glady's Café Charlotte Amalie (340) 774-6604
Jen's Island Café Charlotte Amalie (340) 777-4611
Room With A View Charlotte Amalie (340) 774-2377
Virgilio's Charlotte Amalie (340) 776-4920
Tickles Crown Bay (340) 776-1595
Caribbean Saloon Eastend (340) 775-7060
Coco Blue Eastend (340) 774-7253
Pesce Eastend (340) 714-7874
The Cellar Eastend (340) 714-7874
XO Bistro Eastend (340) 779-2069
Bella Blu Frenchtown (340) 774-4349
Hook Line & Sinker Frenchtown (340) 776-9708
Pie Whole Frenchtown (340) 642-5074
Delly Deck Havensight (340) 776-9943
Hooters Havensight (340) 693-9464
Shipwreak Tavern Havensight (340) 777-1293
Pizza Amore Havensight (340)774-2822
Blue Orchid Northside (340) 774-4999
The Grille Northside (340) 777-6250
Hull Bay Hideaway Northside (340) 777-1898
Caribbean Fish Market Southside (340) 714-7874
Havana Blue Southside (340) 715-2583
Iggies Southside (340) 693-2600
Lobster Grille Southside (340) 775-1800
Sangrias Southside (340) 714-7874
Sunset Grille Southside (340) 714-7874
Racho Latino Vitraco Park (340) 774-8909
Fat Turtle Yacht Haven Grande (340) 714-3566
Grand Cru Yacht Haven Grande (340) 774-7263

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