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St. Thomas offers both bustling shopping areas and quiet neighborhoods. The island is mountainous and many hillside homes are graced will incredible views of the ocean. The real estate market on St. Thomas includes houses, land, condos, time share and commercial properties.

Presently, March 2015, there are 200 houses listed. Prices range from $210,000 for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom on .4 acres in Estate Pearl; to $28,000,000 for a luxury 10 bedroom 11 bathroom house on 62 acres bordering two beaches. Houses are generally situated on a half acre lot. In densely developed areas a quarter of an acre or less is typical.

Most residents finance their homes through conventional mortgages with local banks. Interest rates are slightly higher in the Virgin Islands than in the US mainland. A typical down payment is 20 to 30 percent. Banks require earthquake and windstorm insurance with mortgages; the cost is around 2-3% of replacement value.

Featured Real Estate Agents

Mucki Wesley - Curreri & Co. Realtors

  • Mucki Wesley - Curreri & Co. Realtors

    Mucki Wesley has been a top listing and selling Real Estate Broker on St. Thomas, USVI for many years. Whether it's a luxury home, condo, commercial real estate, or a beautiful piece of land, Mucki will be happy to help you purchase your dream property. Her knowledge of the islands is invaluable to newcomers and relocating families. In addition to English she is also fluent in German. Please call or email her with all your St. Thomas real estate questions and needs.

Mucki Wesley - Curreri & Co. Realtors


Coldwell Banker Stout Realty

  • Coldwell Banker Stout Realty

    Coldwell Banker Stout Realty has been successfully helping newcomers and other customers buy, rent, manage and sell real estate on St. Thomas for over 20 years. Owner and managing broker, Jeyan Stout, and a team of friendly and knowledgeable agents will work hard with you to fulfill any of your real estate needs, whether for houses, condos, land, commercial or rentals. Through the Multiple Listing Service, CBSR can access any listed property in addition to its own listings. Convenient office locations at American Yacht Harbor and at The Anchorage.

Coldwell Banker Stout Realty


Marsha Maynes - Blue Water Realty

  • Marsha Maynes - Blue Water Realty

    Let Marsha Maynes of Blue Water Realty help fulfill your dream of owning a home in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Whether you are looking for a vacation getaway, condominium, full time residence, land or an investment for your future, Marsha can help you find your piece of Paradise. If you need help buying or selling real estate, you can rely on the expertise of a seasoned professional. Contact Marsha Maynes today for the BEST move you'll ever make!

Marsha Maynes - Blue Water Realty


In general land is available in quarter, half, three quarters and one acre lots. The price for a quarter acre to half acre lot is often less than $70,000. Half acre to one acre lots range from $50,000 to $200,000. Larger lots are also available. Factors to consider when looking for land include location, view, access to the property and any site preparations that might be necessary in order to build.

There are presently 284 undeveloped lots on the market. Prices start at $40,000 for .09 acres in Annas Fancy; to $6,500,000 for 209 acres in Fortuna. Looking for your own island? There was recently a 500 acre island listed for 45 million.

Recent land developments involving subdividing large estates have created an increase in land lots on the market. These developments include one in Mandahl and another in Estate Nazareth.

Costs of building a house start at around $250 per square foot; the amount varying considerably depending on materials used for building and finishing. Keep in mind that preparations and special structural requirements may need to be met making the total cost of the construction project more. A cistern for water storage and a septic tank are necessary components of a house on St. Thomas. The cistern alone will account for almost 10 percent of the total building cost. Land owners should depend on the experts when it comes to building on St. Thomas; plans must be prepared by an architect, engineer or draftsperson licensed in the Virgin Islands.

Condos on St. Thomas are often located on or near a beach. Facilities might include tennis courts, swimming pool(s), restaurant/bar, marina and water-sports center on the beach among others. Studio Condos currently on the market start at $118,000. One bedroom condos range between $119,000 and $325,000. And larger condos with three or more bedrooms run between $440,000 and $645,000. There are currently 149 condo properties listed.

Time share or fractional ownership options are usually available from $5,000/a week and up. Presently there are 28 timeshare openings available.

Guest houses, restaurants, yachts, inns and retail stores are examples of commercial properties that have recently been or are on the market. Currently there are 29 commercial properties listed. They include a restaurant at $399,999 and a guesthouse at $1,075,000.

Properties on the Market - St. Thomas

Sept. 2006 377 89 168 78 20
November 2007 487 109 186 136 15
September 2008 557 147 161 182 19
October 2009 590 151 174 207 29
August 2010 669 180 238 189 36
August 2011 593 152 211 170 29
May 2012 587 157 231 171 28
August 2013 664 196 274 166 28
March 2015 690 200 284 149 28

A real estate agent can introduce you to the listed properties and help you narrow them down to those that fit what you are looking for. Contact the featured real estate agents above for more information on real estate on St. Thomas.

Note: This section is dated March 2015; prices, property estimates and numbers reflect the market at the time this section was written. Information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

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