Dining & Nightlife on Water Island, Virgin Islands

Water Island Dining

Water Island offers just a few options for lunch, dinner and nightlife. Each is quite casual and unique; true Water Island establishments that provide the laid back atmosphere that is the charm of the island.

For lunch options everyday head to Honeymoon Beach for a bite at Heidi’s Honeymoon Grill. Well established and a favorite, Heidi’s offers great options in an open air, beach front setting. Also on Honeymoon Beach is Dinghy's Beach Bar & Grill, which offers refreshing beverages and from time to time has pot luck dinners and cook outs which are hit with residents and visitors alike. Visit the bulletin board in Phillip's Landing, where the ferry dock is located, for announcements on what’s happening at Heidi’s and Dinghy's’s or just stop by and ask them!

Nightlife on Water Island

Water Island is quiet during the day and pretty quiet at night. There are no nightclubs to speak of on Water Island. Friendly gatherings do occur, usually over good food and a couple of drinks - as it should be!

Heidi’s on Honeymoon Beach does a Monday night movie night right on the beach. The screen is suspended between coconut trees and movie goers either pull up and watch from their golf carts or sit in chairs. Where else can you watch a movie under the starts, on a screen suspended in coconut trees on the beach? So cool and so Water Island! On Movie Nights Heidi serves burgers, hot dogs, drinks and of course popcorn!

Dinghy's Beach Bar & Grill regularly is open late during season and often has live music right on the beach. Be sure to check the bulletin board in Phillip’s Landing for announcements on what’s going on there while you are visiting!

Residents know how to have a good time so don't be shy while on your visit. After a few days on Water Island you will probably get acquainted with much of the population, if you choose to, and can join them for a fun chat over a few drinks at Dinghy's’s or Heidi's!

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