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Getting to Water Island (From St. Thomas)

Water Island Ferry

Whether your vacation is on Water Island; or you are visiting St. Thomas and want to go over to Water Island for the day – you will need to take a boat between the two islands.

Things to Know

  • Water Island does not have an airport. Travelers must fly into the Cyril E. King Airport on St. Thomas (airport code is STT) and then continue to Water Island by boat.
  • You can travel between St. Thomas and Water Island using a ferry or a private water taxi/boat.
  • The ferry to Water Island from St. Thomas departs from Crown Bay Marina, just in front of Tickles Restaurant.

How to take the Ferry

From St. Thomas to Water Island

Step 1: Choose a departure time. Visit the Ferry Schedule for more information, ticket prices and schedule.

Step 2: Get to Crown Bay Marina. Arrive at least 10 minutes before departure. You are likely heading to the Water Island ferry from the airport, cruise ship dock or your hotel. You can take a taxi, rent a car, or use public transportation. If you are on a cruise ship and docked at the Crown Bay Cruise Ship dock, then you can walk to the Crown Bay Marina to catch the ferry – it’s about a 10 minute walk through the cruise area’s shops and then through the Marina. If you are driving yourself, there are several parking lots at the Marina – most are designated for customers of the shops and restaurant and have time limits; some are for boat owners. The very first lot on the right hand side, when you enter, is typically designated for general use. If in doubt, look at the parking lot signs.

Step 3: Waiting Area: At Crown Bay Marina, look for Tickles Restaurant; the ferry to Water Island docks right in front of the restaurant. There is no terminal. You can stand next to the ferry boat until the captain indicates it’s time to board. If you are early, you can grab a drink at the restaurant and sit in their outdoor chairs near the ferry until boarding time.

Step 4: Board and purchase ticket. The captain indicates when it’s time to board; you purchase your ticket from the captain once on board. You can buy one way or round trip. Credit cards are not accepted; cash only.

Step 5: Enjoy the short ride, it’s just 10 minutes. Arrival is at Phillip’s Landing on Water Island. If you are visiting for the day, you are likely headed to Honeymoon Beach, which is a short walk from the ferry dock. If you are staying on Water Island, the representative from your vacation rental will meet you at the ferry. Sometimes there is a small shuttle from one of the vacation rentals that will give people a ride to their destination for a small charge. You can also rent a golf cart and explore on your own.

From Water Island to St. Thomas

Step 1: Choose a departure time. Visit the Ferry Schedule for more information, ticket prices and schedule.

Step 2: Get to Phillip’s Landing at least 10 minutes before departure. You can wait on the dock, or under the covered mail center area, which is very close to the dock.

Step 3: Boarding: The ferry will arrive, the captain will allow the passengers to get off, and then indicate that you can board.

Step 4: Ticket collection and purchase. The captain will collect tickets from people that bought round trip; or sell tickets if needed. Credit cards are not accepted, it is cash only.

Step 5: Arrive at Crown Bay Marina. If you need a taxi, there are usually a couple taxis in the parking area; if not the restaurant can call one for you.

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