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running on STJ, fishing, dinghys.....

November 12, 2009 06:37PM

Where's a good place to run on St John? My wife and I will be staying at Maho. I'd like to be able to start from around there, and put in 2-3 miles. I understand running on the roads is a bad idea.

Is there a place to rent fishing gear - rod/reel, tackle/bait? I don't want to charter, just toss a hook in the water from the shore at my leisure.

Has anyone rented a dinghy/zodiac to beach hop? If so, what's your opinion of it?

Thanks for the help. 11 more days....

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Re: running on STJ, fishing, dinghys.....

November 13, 2009 07:08AM

Maho is one of the best places to take a run! You can check out this blog, [] I'm sure Luigi will help you with specific questions about running.

You can rent fishing gear at Ocean Runner. They also sell gear and tackle. They are right on the beach after you get off the ferry dock to the right, between High Tide and Waterfront Bistro (kind of tucked away). Their website is and their number is 340-693-8809. You may want to give handline fishing a try. They sell that gear, and it is inexpensive, and more portable than a pole. I love hand line shore fishing!! Just don't fish in marked swim zones.

You can rent a dingy just down the beach from Ocean Runner. The is a place called Noah's Little Arcs, at the end of the beach. It is basically a "chair" in front of the Beach Bar. Someone is either there, or very near by, to help you out. I think people usually have a great time hopping from beach to beach in those bright yellow dingy.

Safe travels, see you soon!




Re: running on STJ, fishing, dinghys.....

November 13, 2009 09:53AM

I have run on St. John- through Cruz Bay and through the national park. Running on the road through the national park is great and you can check out all of the beautiful beaches along the way. However, you have to really pay attention- leave the I-pod at home! It is not an ideal place to run but it can be done. The inclines can be very, very tough. Have fun




Re: running on STJ, fishing, dinghys.....

November 13, 2009 01:31PM

I would do the Maho loop - I walk my dog their a few times a week ansd see alot of runners.

The loop is approx 3 miles depending exactly where you run. If you start at Maho Campground and run to Annaberg parking, lot turn around and run to Big Maho Beach via the road (I usually walk towards traffic so go the one way street the wrong way) turn around at the end of the road at the green building and run bach to Maho Campground (again running the one way street the wrong way - it is much easier to see and hear cars coming at you than behind you) you will have done approx 3 miles. You could also return to Maho Campground via the goat trail if you have had enough once you get to Big Maho.


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