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Ideas for celebrating Hubby's 40th birthday and our 14 year wedding anniversary

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Ideas for celebrating Hubby's 40th birthday and our 14 year wedding anniversary

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We are going to St. Thomas in December for my husband's 40th birthday and our 14th wedding anniversary (on the same day). We will be staying in St. Thomas but do plan to spend a day in St. John as well. I am looking for something romantic and/or fun. We love experiences and making memories. I already have the beaches we want to go to mapped out and a list of restaurants, as well as excursions like swimming with dolphins and snorkeling, etc. I am looking for romantic ideas and unique things that may not have come up on my extensive searches. For food, we don't love the super fancy stuff and am not looking for a boat excursion. Please give me ideas. Thanks in advance!

Posted : May 15, 2024 5:01 pm
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I think one of the most romantic and unique experiences you can enjoy is hiking on one of St. John's trails.

Ram Head Trail:

Experience: This trail offers stunning panoramic views that finish at Ram Head Point. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea and St. John. Remember to bring water to drink.

Romantic Idea: Time your hike for sunset and watch the sun set below the horizon, truly a romantic experience.

Reef Bay Trail:

Experience: Rich in history and natural beauty, featuring ancient petroglyphs and a waterfall (when it has recently rained). The hike descends through forests to the beach.

Romantic Touch: Bring your swimsuits and end your hike with a swim at the end of the trail.

Cinnamon Bay Nature Loop:

Experience: This easy loop is perfect for a relaxing stroll through ruins and beautiful landscapes. It’s a shorter hike, so it’s great for a less strenuous but equally enjoyable experience.

Romantic Touch: Combine this hike with a visit to the nearby beach. Bring along a small bottle of champagne and toast to your anniversary by the water.

Posted : May 19, 2024 7:31 am

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