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what do you do with your stuff when you snorkel

November 12, 2009 09:18PM

What does everyone do with their $ ,camera's,I.D.'s when in the water? Do you leave everything on the beach or do you use some type of bag? If so what type? I have been looking at some of the bags at it's a padded waterproof bag by a company called Drypak. Anyone familiar with these? I think I would still put my camera inside another waterproof bag inside this one.


Future Islander



Re: what do you do with your stuff when you snorkel

November 13, 2009 09:25AM


You ask a difficult question.....but I'll tell you what we do.

1. We don't take valuables to the beach. We take some cash and of course our car key. Other things (not valuables) are kept locked in the car trunk.
2. One of us usually stays with the beach stuff or at least in sight of it.
3. We never go to remote beaches.
4. Even when we're sitting on the beach we wouldn't expose anything valuable.....the cash is secured in my swim trunk what if it's wet, vendors still accept it.
5. We carry our own beach chairs ("chair in a bag"wink and tie our beach bag to the chair....making it harder for anyone to just grab & run.....of course all they would get is a couple of shirts/tops, sun block, a book or two and towels. Also, bringing your own beach chair sort of makes you look like a "local resident" and (IMO) less of a "target". You can purchase the folding "chair in a bag" a K-Mart, Cost-U-Less and other stores on-island (STT). They cost as little as $7. (last year) at K-Mart. Then just leave them in your condo or hotel room for the next guest.

Hope this helps.


STT Resident



Re: what do you do with your stuff when you snorkel

November 13, 2009 09:53AM

I take my beach bag with towels, sunscreen, books, etc. (no valuables); my folding chaise lounge and my cooler with lunch and water, settle down and, when I go snorkeling or swimming, use a waterproof pack around my neck to protect my little bit of cash and the car keys. The pack I have has a triple-seal (Ziplock type) locking system and is large enough to carry either a cellphone or a small camera along with cash, cards and keys but they do come in different sizes. Cheers!




Re: what do you do with your stuff when you snorkel

November 16, 2009 12:50PM

We have an "Otter Box" that is waterproof container to hold keys, money, small camera. It fits in husband's pocket of swim trunks .. or can go around your wrist. They sell several sizes, and they float if they come out of pocket or undone from wrist. We only take keys, little cash with us when snorkeling ... and don't go to really uninhabited places. Although Coki Beach can be pretty daunting with all those people. One of us will just stay at the chairs.

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