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Soggy Dollar

March 27, 2012 04:37PM

Im sure this has been covered before, but im staying at bolongo bay St Thomas and would like to make a trip to the Soggy Dollar on JVD, is it a full day thing? and how would i go about getting there?

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Re: Soggy Dollar

March 27, 2012 05:14PM

Takes most of the day. Ferry from red hook to STJ then on to JVD and either a taxi ride or a walk down to soggy dollar. You should be home in time for dinner.

STT Resident



Re: Soggy Dollar

March 27, 2012 06:08PM

The ferry schedule is under "Quick Links" top right this page. If you'd rather go on a charter, there are plenty available which go to Jost and with snorkeling spots en route and usually an open bar. Have fun whichever way you decide to go!




Re: Soggy Dollar

March 29, 2012 10:39PM

take the ferry from stt to stj and then over to jost....should be on jost by 9:15a or so.....take a short taxi ride to soggy dollar and have the taxi pick you up at Ivans and head back to the ferry around 2p. definitely recommend!




Re: Soggy Dollar

March 30, 2012 03:25PM

Take a full day cruise on the Daydreamer catamaran! It's the best. Snorkel at STJ on the way over, lunch at Foxy's, then over to the Soggy Dollar and throw up the jib on the way home. I believe the Daydreamer now leaves from the Wyndham Hotel. Drinks served all day, yummy fruit and sweet breads served in the AM. Say hi to Frankie and the gang for us!

Island Hopper



Re: Soggy Dollar

April 01, 2012 10:57PM

Zach - I've done both. If you want more time at Soggy Dollar, take the ferry (I think it's $70 per person). Taxi from JVD ferry doc is appx 10 mins. At Soggy by 9:15 as mentioned, and enjoy 5 hours there. Walk down the beach to Ivan's (great walk), head down the right. The best lunch there is the Chicken Roti. And by tkaing the ferry you get 5+ hours in White Bay. Day Dreamer is a great trip too. Appx $125 and probably only 45 mins at Soggy, but as donna mentions it's a slightly different trip. On the way over you snorkel somewhere off St. John, and it's a great ride. Then the rum opens up on the boat as you make your way to JVD for lunch at Foxy's and then over to Soggy to swim in. It's more fun of a boat ride, excellent snorkeling and great camaraderie on board, plus open bar. Just decide which you want to do more, that of spend 5 hours in the sand.

I will do Soggy many more times, and those are the only 2 ways I'll go just depending what the company I am traveling with that day wants to do. You'll have a great time.

Also, take a ferry to Tortola, and then a taxi to Cane Garden Bay, go in via Myetts (great access, great food). 15+ beach bars. If you can make both trips, do it.

Whatever you do,... DON'T miss the ferry back. We've had some close calls.

VI Lover



Re: Soggy Dollar

April 01, 2012 11:15PM

We actually always do the opposite. We take the public ferry to JVD and taxi directly to Ivan's. LOVE the serenity of Ivan's in the morining. Stay there, take advantage of Honor Bar and have lunch, then walk over to Soggy Dollar. We like getting to Soggy Dollar around noon when it starts to get busier (and it can get way TOO busy some days!). We camp out there, enjoy our Painkillers, and walk the beach patronizing the other beach bars. Love the Bushwackers at One Love!

We then taxi back to Foxy's around 1:30pm and spend an our or so there. It's a short walk back to the ferry dock from Foxy's where we meet the ferry at 3pm for our trip back. That way - we get 3 very different destinations all on our one day on the beautiful island.

Good Luck! Have Fun!

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