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greg s.

maho bay eco-tent camping

October 11, 2002 01:13AM

We are coming down to STJ in about 4 weeks and staying at the Maho Bay Eco-Tent "camping" place. I have several questions about what to bring, what to leave at home.

My sister planned the trip, all I did is pay for it. I am somewhat in the dark as to what is provided and what should be brought from home. I have seen the Maho Bay web site, but still wanted to hear from someone that really knows.

Do they provide everything needed to cook, serve, eat, and clean-up after a meal? (except for the food itself of course)

Do they provide for cold food storage in each "tent"?

As for personal cleaning, are showers always available, sinks in each tent too? I think I read there are shared showers.

The rooms have electric lights and places to plug-in chargers, shavers, etc?

Any suggestions about what to bring and what to leave at home? (I've been to Jamaica x3, so I am not totally clueless).

And also, one side question... during a late november sunday afternoon, how long should we expect it would take from airplane touchdown on STT until we would arrive by boat at the harbor on StJ?

thanks in advance!!!

Greg S.

Re: maho bay eco-tent camping

October 11, 2002 11:51PM

Greg -
I will be staying at Maho's Concordia ecotents for the week of Thanksgiving. When Maho sent th epaper copy of my confirmation, they also sent a one-page info sheet that was insightful. I will look for it and share. I think you made a great decision - I had seen Maho on the Travel channel I believe several years ago, and have always wanted to go!! My fiance really wanted a restroom versus one we had to walk to, so that is why we chose Concordia over Maho Bay. Same group though, but Concordia is on the southeast part of the island. I'll look for my letter and get back with you! Enjoy your trip!!!
-Mandy in Dallas

Re: maho bay eco-tent camping

October 21, 2002 04:39PM

We have never stayed at Maho, but visited the facility last month. Here are my observations.

The tents are sparten. The "kitchen" ( a counter top made of lumber) has a sink that you must hall water to. There was no running water in the tents that I saw. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here. The "refigerator" is an ice chest (I'm not sure where or how much the is). The "couch" (made of rough lumber with vinyl cushions, can you say sticky) can serve as a additional bed. There is a box fan situated between the "livingroom" and "bedroom" to prvide air movement which was desperately needed on the afternoon we visited. The twin "beds" are also constructed from rough lumber with foam matresses placed on top of the plywood platform.

The communal bathrooms were very clean but there was a sign posted that asked guests to limit use of the showers to late afternnon or early evening.

The tents, and there are tons of them, are very close together. If your neighbors are getting amorous you will know it. If they are not getting along, you will know that too. They will know the same about you as well.

The beach at Maho is very nice!

If what I describe sounds like paradise to you, you will have a blast. It just didn't hold any appeal for me. It looked like apartment living from hell to me. Albeit in a beautiful setting. Just MHO.

Re: maho bay eco-tent camping

October 21, 2002 08:38PM

Greag - I have not found my Concordia info. I am afraid my mom may have taken it when she took some of my vacation planning stuff to read recently.

Doug - good advice on Maho. The mass number of tents at Maho is why I chose Concordia on the SE tip of St John as opposed to Maho Bay. I wanted to be around fewer people. I think they only have 10-15 tents at Concordia as opposed to many dozen. Also, they are newer (less than two years old I believe), have more amenities, indoor bathroom (not communal), upgraded kitchens, running water, etc. The website portrayed them to have more 'creature comforts' as opposed to Maho, but still part of the same group. But thanks for sharing your info on Maho - I plan to check them out next month while there! happy

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