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tortola to st croix, any ferries?

January 20, 2005 01:16PM


Couple questions for you guys

Have a trip planned 2nd week of May for 11 days flying into Tortola and trying to get over to St Croix

Any ferries from Tortola or St Thomas to St Croix?

I researched and called VIfastferry but their last date of operation is may 2nd from stt to stx, only other option I believe is ferry over to st thomas then seaplane to st croix

also looking for decent place to stay for 3-4 nites in or near christianstead beings how we would like to get over to buck island for snorkeling

also looking for a reputable realtor while there to look at property

also need reliable car or jeep rental

thanks for all replies







Re: tortola to st croix, any ferries?

January 21, 2005 12:55AM

Hello Michelle,

There are no ferries from Tortola to St. Croix.

The Seaplane has a Ferry-Seaplane package for BVI to St. Croix so you might contact them and check that out. []

Visit our St. Croix Real Estate Section at: []


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