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Quilt shops

January 26, 2005 01:23PM
I am going to be in St. Thomas on April 9th. I am a quilter and am wondering if there are any quilt or fabric stores on the island. Your help is greatly appreciated. Diana

Re: Quilt shops
January 26, 2005 05:28PM
Registered: 01/25/2005
Posts: 245
There are several very nice fabric shops here. They don't have the stateside variety in heavy fabrics but have tropical weights, perfect for quilting, in numerous styles. Let me know before you get here and I will send you a list of them with directions ...

Re: Quilt shops
February 02, 2005 04:07AM
I too am traveling to the US Virgin Islands. I'll be at St. Thomas and St. Crouix. I would really appriciate any information regading shops with Quilting Fabric. I'll be in the US. Virgin islands in February. Thanks, Pat

Kathy W
Re: Quilt shops
February 08, 2005 03:49PM
I will also be in St. Thomas- in July- and would love to find some fabrics. Any advice would be appreciated.

Re: Quilt shops
February 09, 2005 03:01PM
Registered: 01/25/2005
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There was a fabric shop in Mongoose junction over on StJohn. Don't rembmer the name of the shop, but they had some beautiful stuff!

Re: Quilt shops
February 09, 2005 05:53PM
Registered: 01/25/2005
Posts: 245
Well, I am successfully avoiding work this afternoon so here we go ... St. John: the place in Mongoose is The Fabric Mill . They have a great selection of tropical weight cottons with tropical prints. Seem a bit pricy to me for clothing but in small amounts of color and print for quilts would not probably break the bank.

St. Thomas - Fabric in Motion - sort of like the old time fabirc stores before places like Cloth World sprang up. Good selection of cotton, linen and tropical weight wools. Special "party" fabrics. I don't go into sticker shock here. Downtown.
The Fabric Store - similar to above. Downtown
Lone Eagle in Smith Bay is where I buy most of my stuff. It's down near Coki Point. Again - no sticker shock here.

Don't know a thing about St. croix, sorry.


Re. Bead Stores in St. Thomas
February 10, 2005 01:18AM
Does anyone know of any place that sells beads in St. Thomas or St. Marten? I will be there the last of February.

Re: Re. Bead Stores in St. Thomas
February 10, 2005 11:50AM
Registered: 01/20/2005
Posts: 41
On St Thomas in the Royal Dane Mall is a store called "Laska" and they have a large selection of beads. They also give beading classes at the Reef should you be interested. Ask for Stacy.
Good luck.

Diana Maetzold
Re: Quilt shops
February 26, 2005 07:27PM
Could you please email me the list of Quilting Shops?

Thank you.

Re: Quilt shops
February 28, 2005 02:01PM
Registered: 01/25/2005
Posts: 245
The list above of fabrics shops is all I could find. What information do you need? Telephone #'s?

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