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st thomas vs st croix?

January 31, 2003 03:02PM

*which place has the better nightlife? I am looking for relaxing days and a few busy nights of dancing partying etc. Shold I go to St Thomas or St Croix. I am planing on visiting with my wife in the middle of March. Thanks for your input

Re: st thomas vs st croix?

February 01, 2003 01:31AM

No replies??

cmon someone who has been to both should be able to tell me what is the better island to stay at. I am visiting for a 5yr annivesary, away from our child for the 1st time. We want to relax and enjoy our days and eat at some nice places at night and dance the night away for the 1st time in a yr at night a few times a week Where should I go?? please please help me! Thank you

Re: st thomas vs st croix?

February 01, 2003 08:42AM

If you have plans already why are you asking now? You can dance anywhere. Maybe try dancing in the street. Why would anyone want to come to paradise just to dance?

Re: st thomas vs st croix?

February 01, 2003 10:39AM

I've been to the islands several times although the "nightlife" hasn't been the big draw. Getting away from it all and enjoying the climate, water and relaxing is why we go. If you set your expectations too high you'll be frustrated with the "island way of life" and typical "island time". Things take longer than you expect and getting upset is not the way to enjoy yourself.............hurry up and wait is not fun.

Re: st thomas vs st croix?

February 01, 2003 12:18PM

I don't have plans yet. I plan on staying at either St Croix or St Thomas and was hoping someone could give me some insight as to which Island would cater more to my enjoyment of danincg, dining out etc. I am not looking to "party like a rock star" I just want to go out and experience some nightlife a few times during the week. I understand the whole hurry up and wait thing I have been to various places where time isn't an issue. I am just looking for some feedback as to which Island a first time visitor should stay at. Thank You

East Ender
Re: st thomas vs st croix?

February 01, 2003 01:21PM

Don: What kind of dancing is it that you all like to do? And what kind of food do you like? Are you interested in other activities in the day time? Sailing, swimming, golf, boating,etc?? There are restaurants and night clubs on both islands, maybe you could narrow it down for us. And I am sorry for the rude response you received!

Re: st thomas vs st croix?

February 01, 2003 01:37PM

As far as dancing and dining I am open to anything and everything. I like new things. I guess my main concern I am a "night owl" I have heard that there isn't much to do at night on one island then here read the exact opposite on a web site. Daytime will be relaxing on a beach or by a nice pool for my wife...I will be fishing (I hope) and swimming doing something. I am a "city guy" I enjoy a crowd and like options.

Re: st thomas vs st croix?

February 01, 2003 02:32PM

There are definitely places to party on St Thomas. Duffy's comes to mind, music and dancing to your hearts content. There are other places that I'm sure will be mentioned. That said, the USVI does not have a heavy duty party scene. There's stuff to do and plenty of fun to be had but primarily people go to the USVI to relax and rewind.

Betty, there's no need to be unpleasant. Don has a right to ask whatever questions he needs to. I've seen much much sillier questions on this and other message boards!

Re: st thomas vs st croix?

February 01, 2003 05:15PM

A comparision of St. Croix's nightlife and St. Thomas' nightlife in terms of bar scene, dancing, wine bars, live bands in bars.... I would say St. Thomas has more of this. You can visit Greenhouse for Two for Tuesdays, Duffys on Friday or Saturday night, Epernay in Frenchtown for desert and drinks and go upstairs to dance - on Friday/Saturday late nights for the dancing earlier for drinks, Paradise Tramway has happy hour on Fridays and Wednesday I believe which is fun, Bolongo Bay and Sugar Bay resorts have kareoke, Sapphire used to have a live show as did Bolongo Bay - you would need to call for more info. on that.

St. Croix has more of a quieter night scene, eat at a nice restaurant, sit at a bar and talk, make friends (not sure thats what you and your wife are looking to do), in Christiansted there might be some live bands or fun thing going on at Hotel on the Cay, like a 2 minute ferry ride from Christiansted. They usually have crab races which I hear is pretty fun.

In any case the dancing here at bars is going to be to techno, reggae, music of today. At the hotels and resorts it will more then likely be more toned down Caribbean music, maybe live steel pan player, maybe a 3 person local band singing.


Re: st thomas vs st croix?

February 01, 2003 05:26PM


that was all the info I need. I will be going to St Thomas it looks like. And of course I will make friends..that's what vacation and life is all about..enjoying one's self and all the things other people and places have to offer. thanks again

East Ender
Re: st thomas vs st croix?

February 01, 2003 06:09PM

Don: One more thing...there are late night spots on St Thomas, too. They seem to change fairly quickly, so ask around at the places that Islander mentioned. Also, St Thomas is probably the place for fishing as well. Some friends who were on a fishing charter last week and caught a 5 foot shark! The captain called Coral World and they came out to the boat and rescued it! I am not sure I'd call St Thomas a city, but people do like to have a good time!

Re: st thomas vs st croix?

February 02, 2003 09:15PM

Stay in St. Thomas! There is much more night life. Having lived here for 6 yrs with two children, I too, need to get out at night!

For a true island party experience you should take a day trip to the British Virgin Islands, Joyst Van Dyke. The bars there have sand floors and strong drinks! Any time I feel like it's time for an adult day, we rent a boat or go on a charter.

Most nightlife is on the East End, Red Hook or in French town, near downtown.
St. Thomas

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