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ATM machines

August 03, 2005 06:36PM

*Are there ATM Machines available on the island? Will my American ATM card work there like it does in Great Britain? Which is preferable, ATM or travelers checks?




Re: ATM machines

August 03, 2005 07:31PM

ATM's are available island wide. Perhaps somewhat limited on STJ but otherwise fine. Traverlers checks are fine also. My sister's ATM card from Florida worked fine although she incurred charges from using a machine for another bank but not as much as the surchargeon purchasing traverls checks. Most establishments will accept VIA and MC. Diners Club and AmEx are not so generally accepted.





Re: ATM machines

August 04, 2005 10:26AM

Wow...all these "Pam's" & "Pamela's" on this board lately!!!
Maybe we should have a "Pam" reunion in St Thomas!! I'll bet Marty would host it!! (hey Marty!!) tho he has a habit of calling "Pam's" "Tam" on occasion!!

Pam....from Wisconsin

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