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Better Business Bureau of VI?

April 27, 2006 03:54PM

I'm planning on getting married on St. Thomas, and I'm trying to coordinate everything from up here in the States. In order to avoid getting ripped off, is there something like a Better Business Bureau in the Virgin Islands? I'm not so much concerned about the quality of the services that I receive, as much as I am concerned about a business actually even existing. . .it seems like it would be so easy to just put up a website, have deposit money sent to you, and then never show up on the date!

So is there a place I can call to find out if a business/person is legit?

Please forgive me if this sounds a bit too suspicious; I'm a criminal prosecutor, and I guess it's in my blood!

April 27, 2006 05:29PM

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Here, we have the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs at []

best to you,

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D. Patrick
September 11, 2007 03:44PM

I recently went on a cruise and it was suggested by the cruise ship to go to Diamonds International. "They give great deals to passengers of the ship." I purchased two items totaling $23,500. When I got home I got them appraised. I got ripped off for $5,500.00. It took me two months of fighting with them for them to go by their own policy of refunding my money. They kept wanting to give me a store credit. I knew they would rip me off again - why would I want a store credit. After threatening to file suit, they finally settled my account, but it was a long, hard fight.

If you want diamonds, I would suggest using another company.

September 11, 2007 03:52PM

Piney, you might want to start here with your wedding plans. I think this was published last year, so it's relatively current. You can always call first to see if the person is still in business, because businesses do come and go, but I haven't heard of any wedding planners going out of business.


September 11, 2007 08:17PM

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Piney: There is a Chamber of Commerce. Their website is

D.Patrick: The stores that are mentioned on cruise ships have paid big bucks for advertising. One important thing about buying jewelry is to know your stuff. Look at merchandise at home, know quality, do your research. You CAN get good deals.

September 11, 2007 09:23PM

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And if the cruise ship sent you there, it's a guaranteed store. so they should have backed you in your dilemma.
DI is a reputable store. Doesn't sound like them.


September 12, 2007 10:53AM

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And if the cruise ship sent you there, it's a guaranteed store.

Cruise Directors get paid handsomely by the stores to advertise them. They also DIS-courage stores that are reputable, but won't pay the Cruise Director. Look for the Better Bus. Bureau (can't remember exactly what they call it) sign that is on the doors of each store that is represented! It has a picture of a wrapped gift box! I will be in town soon, will give exact info. then!
I have heard other stories about Diamond International.

I have never heard of any ill-legitimate wedding companies, tho I know some are better than others! You could also contact the court house (where you would get your license), they would know what companies that they work with!

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