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Island update questions  


Estimable Member
Joined:9 years  ago
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February 11, 2018 3:10 pm  

I'm heading down in a few days and had some questions that hopefully some of you can help out with.

I've heard cell service is getting better, but are some providers ahead of others? Part of my family has ATT and the others Sprint.  Wifi still just in main areas like RH and CA, or is has it expanded back to island wide?

Are there any curfews still in place or are bars/restaurants open for dinner and late drinks? Molly Malones had closed down over the fall and I heard that something was going to be taking over, but haven't seen any updates since then.  Is there anything new yet?  

Been following the beach water quality reports each week and was surprised to see Secret Harbour on the no swim list this week? Any idea why, or when it will be reopen? Was planning on spending a few days there as that is one of our favorite beaches.

Nick C.

The Islander
Island Expert Admin
Joined:17 years  ago
Posts: 2134
February 15, 2018 4:41 pm  

Hi @ncald,

Cell service has gotten a bit better each month. ATT is the one that has been pretty good since the storms. Coverage is pretty much island wide. Sprint was struggling, but I understand they are getting somewhat better. 

Curfew was lifted back in October. Yes, bars/restaurants are open regular hours. We are regularly adding dining updates as we receive them or hear about it so check out our St. Thomas Dining section. 

Haven't heard what went into Mollys if anything. There have been some other new spots: Rockstone Grill went in at Tilletts; new Indian place in Red Hook called Thali Indian Grill; Mirador is in the former Agave Terrace spot at Point Pleasant; Longboards on St. John will be opening  a new place in Red Hook at the old Senior Frogs spot. There are a few others. 

Regarding Secret Harbor being on the no swim advisory list last week: its very likely because of recent rain fall bringing run off into the bay. The beaches are tested each week, a new report should be out tomorrow (Friday). You can look out for that one. The beach might be on the advisory list but its still open. They don't actually close them. 

Thank you for using VInow.com. 

Edited: 5 days  ago

The Islander
Island Expert Admin
Joined:17 years  ago
Posts: 2134
February 16, 2018 2:54 pm  

New beach advisory came out today, you can see it at Beach Advisory. Secret Harbor is on the ok list this week.

Edited: 5 days  ago


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