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This Forum is intended for discussions related to Vacationing in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is a community where participants can ask and answer travel related questions, exchange information and tips and get help from fellow travelers. By using the forum you agree to follow the rules and guidelines that are listed below. VInow does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of information posted on the forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rules/Guidelines for Forum

  • Posts containing the following are Not Allowed: profanities, insults, arguments, material not appropriate for minors, off topic discussions intended to negatively affect the board and flow of discussions, spam, junk mail and illegal content (including but not limited to pyramid schemes). Do not make false representations or create multiple user names. Material protected by copyright may not be posted without the expressed permission of the copyright owner. When paraphrasing other works, cite the original source whenever possible. Quotes from and links to other web sites must not violate the rules of this web site or those of the quoted/linked web site. You may not copy and re-transmit messages on this forum; this includes but is not limited to copying messages in whole or in part and posting them on another site, forum or publication.
  • Messages of a commercial nature are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to business owners/representatives using their business name as their author name, posting advertorial type comments, including contact information such as web address, email and telephone number in signatures and in messages when this information was not specifically requested, soliciting business from board participants, conducting customer service on the board (such as making reservations and notifications of actions like intentions to call). Posts that state “tell them I sent you” will be removed.
  • Follow basic etiquette for written communication: DON’T USE ALL CAPS, don’t use an excessive amount of abbreviations and do use punctuation. Welcome new members. In response to a question, provide an answer; do not respond solely with instructions to use the search feature. Do not correct other participants’ spelling or grammar. Keep sarcastic comments to a minimum. No critical comments about other board members. Limit the use of ‘bump posts’, members will assume its something new to read only to find out its not. Try to respond to and ask questions on the board, this insures that all participants benefit from the information being shared. When comments are of a one to one nature or private, use private messaging or email. One last tip, if you post a question or comment come back to check the answers and acknowledge that other board members have taken the time to respond.
  • Information posted in messages can be viewed by all users, think twice before posting telephone numbers, addresses and other personal information.

These rules and guidelines can be updated or changed at any time. All issues can not be addressed in this section; even though a topic is not mentioned here that does not automatically mean its allowed (or not allowed). We reserve the right to remove a post for any reason without notification. This forum is part of, please visit the site’s Terms of Use.

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Do I need to register

Registration is encouraged but not required to read or post messages. There are benefits to registration; your username is yours, you will see new post indicators for new messages or messages you haven’t read, you can mark all messages read, you are able to edit your posts for up to 45 minutes after posting, you have access to Private Messaging, can switch your viewing preferences, can have replies e-mailed to you and you can flag threads in order to follow them. Also your registered Log In can be used to access the Visitor Review feature, which does require registration.

How to Register: Click on “Log In” in the Forum Tools, at the top of the forum. Then click on “Not Registered yer? Click here to register now”. Fill in the form and click Continue. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered. You will need to open the e-mail and click on the validation link to activate your registration. Once you are registered you must be logged in to post under your registered username.

Note Do not create multiple usernames for yourself, you are only allowed one registered member account. If you have trouble logging in once registered or if you forget your username or password see the topics below for help.

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I just registered but can’t log in

Registrations must be validated, an email is sent to you after submitting the membership registration form on the site. If you have not received the validation email checkyour spam or junk e-mail folders; depending on your email account settings sometimes legitimate emails can go there. If you received the email, clicked the link and still have trouble signing in, email the Forum Moderator with details.

Note If you find the validation email in your junk box take a moment to add the email address to your ok list.

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I registered in the past, but can’t log in anymore

Is it possible that you have forgotten the username or password you registered? If so click the “Log In” link and use the forgot password field to request a new password. If you have done this and still have trouble signing in, email the Forum Moderator with details.

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I’ve lost my password

Click on the “Log In” link and use the forgot password field to request a new password. Instructions on setting a new password will be emailed to you.

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Can I use my VIMovingCenter registration to log in here

No, this is a separate website so registration is required on each site independent of the other. Site users that intend to participate on both sites are encouraged to register and use the same username on both sites.

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How do I post a message (new topic and replies)

Click on the “Post New Topic” link in the Forum Tools. A message form will appear; provide a User Name (it will be automatically filled in if you are registered and logged in), Subject Line and Message. Including your e-mail address is optional. After writing your message you can post it with or without previewing it. If you choose to preview your message you must click on post after previewing.

Click on the “Reply To This Message” link in the Options row that appears just below the actual message/post that you want to reply to. Fill in the fields of the reply form that comes up and post it.

Tip Specify which of the 4 USVI islands you are asking or commenting about; St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix or Water Island. Do not quote entire messages in your reply. If you must use a quote only repost the section you are responding to.

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How do I edit, delete a post I made

Only registered users can edit their messages and only for 45 minutes after posting. Forum users can not delete messages. If you would like your message deleted send an email to the Forum Moderator with details.

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How do I make smiley faces (emoticons) in my post

The following emoticons are available for use in messages. The key strokes indicated will automatically be converted to the corresponding smiley face when the message is posted.

Happy Face 🙂 or 🙂
Sad Face 🙁 or 🙁
Confused Face :S
Silly Face 😛
Winking 😉
Thumbs Up (tu)
Thumbs Down (td)
Mad :X
Big Smile 😀
Shy Smile :$)
Thinking *-)

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I posted a link to a website but it got shortened

Web links or URLs are automatically shortened to the basic domain when posted as active links, but the link will still work to whatever URL you actually entered in your message.

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How do I post a photo

The photo must be stored on a website, we do not store photos. Place the URL for the photo itself between the image tags [img] and [/img] within your message. When you post your message the image should appear. Images may not be included in signatures. They should be a normal size, very large photos can distort our page layout and will be removed. Use the preview link before posting to insure your photo appears correctly in the message box.

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What do LOL and ROTFL mean

LOL means laughing out loud and ROTFL means rolling on the floor laughing. They are internet shorthand or acronyms for a phrase. Other such acronyms include IMHO (in my humble opinion) and IMO (in my opinion). There are many.

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Is there a search function for the board

Click on the “Search” link located in the Forum Tools. Fill in the keywords. Adjust the dates and fields you wish to search in. Click Search.

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Can I change my view settings

You can change your view settings only if you are a registered user. Log in and click on “My Settings”, which appears in Forum Tools. Click on “Forum Settings” under Options in the menu and make your changes.

There are two View settings for the board: List View and Read View. And two ways to have the messages displayed: Flat and Threaded.

  1. The List View controls what all the threads when displayed together look like, for example on the first page of the board:a. the Default Setting is flat, which will show the subject of the thread’s first post, the number of replies, views, the author of the last post and date.b. you can switch it to threaded, which shows the subject of the thread’s first post followed by the subjects of all the reply posts one after the other.
  2. Read View controls how reply posts within a thread display once your have clicked on a message:a. the Default Setting is flat, which shows all the messages in a thread one after the other in order of date.b. you can switch it to threaded, which will display one message in full at a time, other posts within that thread appear in outline format by subject below the one open message.

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How do I mark all messages read

Only registered users can see New flags and have the option to Mark All Read. New messages will have the word “new” written next to them. If you would like to mark all new messages read click the “Mark All Read” link at the bottom, left of the forum. On your next visit to the forum only new messages since your last visit will appear with “new” next to them.

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Can I flag a particular thread that I want to follow

Only registered users can follow threads. To follow a thread select the “Follow this Thread” link in the Options row beneath a message within the thread you wish to follow. Followed threads can be found in My Settings. To remove a thread from your Followed Threads list; go into My Settings, select “Show Followed Threads”, click the box in front of the thread you would like to remove and click save changes.

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Can I change my registered user name

You must contact the Forum Moderator if you wish to change your user name. A change isn’t always possible.

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How do I change my password, update my email

Log In, from the Account Settings page click the Change Password/Email link under Useful links and complete the short form and instructions.

If you are already logged in on the Forum, click the My Settings link in Forum Tools at the top of the Forum and on the left side select Change Password/Email and complete the short form and instructions.

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What is PM (Private Messaging)

PM stands for Private Messages. Only registered users can send and receive private messages. To send a private message click on the person’s username you wish to send a private message to and then select “Send a Private Message” from the options that appear. Or enter My Settings and select “Send a Private Message”. Type in the username of the registered user you wish to Private Message along with the message and click post.When you have received a new private message a ‘You have New Private Messages’ link will appear in the Forum Tools (on the right side). You must be logged in to check and send private messages. When you receive a private message a notification email is sent to the email address you used during registration. You can reply to private messages using the reply button that appears beneath private messages. You can not reply to private messages via the notification emails.

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I received unwanted private message/email

If you have received unwanted private message/email from another board user please report it to the Forum Moderator.

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Can I make a sticky or announcement

Only the Forum Moderator can make announcements and sticky posts.

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How long do messages stay, do you use them elsewhere

Messages generally remain on the board archived, they are not removed based on age. We do not guarantee that your message will remain permanently. We reserve the right but not the obligation to remove messages for any reason. Periodically we may use forum postings in our publications (web sites, newsletters or other publications). Your participation on the forum automatically gives us a non exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive license and right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, display your posts/messages in whole or in part and/or to incorporate them in other works now known or later developed. You cannot withdraw or retract the posts or seek payments from us in relation to this license.

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What are Internet Trolls

Most people use forums to learn and share information, there are however some users who are out to disrupt the flow of information. They are called Internet Trolls. They want to create discord, arguments and distractions. It is often a game for them. You can not dissuade them, challenge them or embarrass them; any response at all is a victory since it provides attention and a continuation of their distracting post. Trolls might ask strange or way off questions, post the same question or comment frequently or always comment negatively. Trolls might also post ‘flamebait’, a message about a heated topic that will undoubtedly cause a debate. The best response to a suspected troll is no response, ignore them. If you suspect a users is a troll, report them and their post to the board moderator.

Tip Registered users can report a message using the “Report this Message” link that appears below the message in the Options row.

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I have a question/comment not addressed

Questions/Comments email the Forum Moderator.

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