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Visitor Reviews Rules & Help

Rules & Guidelines for Reviews

  • Post your own individual experiences only. No second-hand, hearsay reviews.
  • No single word reviews. Reviews should contain details on what you liked and didn’t like about the location/property and why.
  • No material from other sources including reviews found elsewhere and quotes from websites or brochures.
  • Reviews containing the following are Not Allowed: Profanities & Insults, Material of a commercial nature (including Web addresses, emails, contact information), Non-review related comments.
  • If you had a poor experience with a business we encourage you to communicate with the management. Most misunderstandings can be resolved through direct communication.
  • Reviews may not contain statements such as ‘don’t go here’ or ‘don’t do business with this company’.
  • Use caution and good judgment when leaving a review because you can not edit or remove it once submitted and you could be held legally responsible for damage to a business’ reputation if a court were to find that your remarks constitute libel and defamation. You are solely responsible for your reviews.
  • Review manipulation in an attempt to negatively or positively affect a business/location’s ratings is not allowed. In the rare case that fake reviews are found, they will be removed immediately. Members posting fake reviews will have membership affected.
  • No reviews written based on property owner’s incentive; for example offering discounts or special treatment in return for positive reviews.
  • Do not use review form/section to question or leave comments for other reviewers.
  • Do not use review form/section to address questions or comments to the property owner (like requesting reservations or prices).

These rules and guidelines can be updated or changed at any time. All issues can not be addressed in this section; even though a topic is not mentioned here that does not automatically mean its allowed (or not allowed). Reviews containing violations of the review guidelines may not be posted. We reserve the right (but not the obligation) to remove a review for any reason. This visitor reviews feature is part of, please visit the site’s Terms of Use.

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Do I need to register

Yes, registration is required. Register Now.

Notes: If you are a registered member of the VInow Forum then you are already registered. Please use your Forum User name and password to log into the Review section.

Do not create multiple usernames for yourself, you are only allowed one registered member account. If you have trouble logging in once registered or if you forget your username or password see the topics below for help.

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I just registered but can’t log in

Registrations must be validated, an email is sent to you after submitting the membership registration form on the site. If you have not received the validation email please checkyour spam or junk e-mail folders; depending on your email account settings sometimes legitimate emails can go there. If you received the email, clicked the link and still have trouble signing in, email with details.

Note If you find the validation email in your junk box take a moment to add the email address to your ok/safe sender list.

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I registered in the past but can’t log in anymore

Is it possible that you have forgotten the username or password you registered? If so click the “Lost Password” link below the log in box (on the right side column of review section pages) and use the forgot password field to request a new password. If you have done this and still have trouble signing in, email with details.

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I’ve lost my password

Click on the “Lost Password” link below the log in box (on the right side column of review section pages) and use the forgot password field to request a new password. Instructions on setting a new password will be emailed to the address you used when you registered.

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Can I use my VIMovingCenter registration to log in here

No, this is a separate website and registration is required on each site independent of the other. Site users that intend to participate on both sites are encouraged to register and use the same username on both sites.

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How do I submit a review

Find the property/location you want to review and click on the Write a Review link. Fill in the Review form and submit. (You must be registered to leave reviews.)

Note If you are a registered member of the VInow Forum then you are already registered. Please use your Forum User name and password to log into the Review section.

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Can I submit a review for a property/location not listed

If the property/location you want to review is not listed, please use the Make Property/Location Suggestion link that is at the bottom of Review Section pages. Once added you can then review the property/location.

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What does the scale 1-5 stars represent

See examples in table below:

5 starsExcellent
4 starsVery Good
3 starsGood
2 starsOk
1 starNeeds Improvement

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Is there anything I can not review

Reviews of properties/locations that are outside of the USVI and those that do not fit within an existing category are not available for review. We reserve the right to decide whether to add properties/locations that would fall into the general/other category on a case by case basis.

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Can I edit, delete my review

Reviewers cannot edit or delete reviews. If you would like your published review removed, email with details using the same e-mail address you used to register. If you submitted a review to the wrong property/location and need it corrected please send an email with details.

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Can I submit photos/information for a location’s description

If a beach, attraction or non-business related location does not have photos or is missing some descriptive information that you would like considered for inclusion please email info@vinow.comwith suggestion.

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Can I reply to another reviewer, What if I disagree with them

The visitor reviews feature is not intended for discussions therefore you can not reply to another reviewer. If you’d like to have discussions with other members visit the Forum. If you disagree with a review, submit your own review with your experience. Friendly disagreement is ok. You can state that you disagree with another earlier review and continue on with your experience.

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What is Owner/Management response

Owners/management of businesses have the opportunity to reply to the content of reviews related to their property. These responses are submitted by the owner/management and are posted under Owner/Management Response.

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Business Owners/Management

  • If you would like your business listed in the visitor reviews or if you want your current listing to include more information/photos visit our Advertising Section and Contact Us.
  • There are times when you may not be happy with feedback your business received. You can respond with a brief Owner/Management Response. Guidelines: Please email with your name, position, the name of the property you represent, your contact information, the review you are replying to and your reply. Only one response by owner or management is allowed. We may contact you to verify your identity. Response must be professional and may not contain quoted material from other sources including remarks from other guests, commercial material (including web addresses or contact information), no requests for more information/discussion and no personal information about who you suspect the reviewer to be. Owner/Management Responses are posted in the review section by a representative.

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I have a question/comment not addressed

Questions/Comments; email


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