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Getting Around / Dock Info

Planning your day on the island is often affected by the numbers of other folks who will be visiting the same day as you. Find out how many ships will be in port the day your ship is in. Cruise Ship Schedules

What is considered a busy day?

On St. Thomas 0-2 ships is a slow to good day. 3-5 is busy and 5 and up is real busy! St. John often gets one ship at a time only a couple times a month; because the island is small one ship makes the island’s favorite spots / attractions very busy. Busy ship days on St. Thomas also affect St. John because many ship passengers day trip over to St. John on an excursion or on their own. St. Croix is the largest USVI so with one or two ships there is still lots of room to play!

Docking/Pier Information

On St. Thomas ships most commonly dock at the West Indian Company Dock (WICO) in Havensight. They also dock in Crown Bay and some large ships remain at anchorage in the Charlotte Amalie harbor. Passengers are then tendered into the Waterfront in Charlotte Amalie. On St. Croix ships dock at the Frederiksted Pier. Ships that call on St. John remain at anchorage off the St. John shore; passengers are tendered onto the island. More information and monthly schedules are available at USVI Cruise Ship Schedule

How to get to St. John from Ship

Ferry Service is available between St. Thomas and St. John, St. Thomas and Water Island and St. Thomas/St. John and the BVI Islands. For details on ferry schedules, prices, operators and length of ferry ride per destination visit Ferry Schedules. Visiting close neighboring islands on your own while in port is possible through the use of these inter-island ferry services.

St. Thomas – St. John Ferry

Charlotte Amalie Ferry$13.0045 min.$4, 5 min.
Red Hook Ferry$7.0020 min.$10-$13, 17 min.
Note Cost and time are one way, and are based on the ship docking at WICO dock in Havensight. If your ship docks at Crown Bay the taxi figures will be a couple dollars more.

Many cruise ship visitors to St. Thomas want to visit St. John and rely on the ferry. You should note that there are two passenger ferries; one in Charlotte Amalie and one in Red Hook. There is only one car barge that takes passengers and their cars over to St. John; it leaves from Red Hook.

Which passenger ferry should you take depends on you, here is a comparison.

Time comparison; the Charlotte Amalie ferry will take longer by a little over 10 minutes, if there is traffic going to Red Hook the total commute time might work out to be the same in terms of taxi + ferry commute. View the Ferry Schedules to find out which ferry service works best for your plans.

You might consider; would you rather spend more commute time on a ferry/water or on taxi/land. By ferry you will see a bit of the islands coastline and by taxi you will see a bit of St. Thomas while you drive. If you are prone to seasickness it is best you take the Red Hook ferry so that you are spending less time on the water. Some visitors take both; going to St. John on the Red Hook ferry and then returning directly to Charlotte Amalie on the Charlotte Amalie ferry from St. John. This is an option as you can purchase one way tickets. Both the Charlotte Amalie and Red Hook ferry arrive and leave from Cruz Bay, St. John at the same dock. Taxis are always available in Cruz Bay to take you to Trunk Bay, Annaberg or wherever you would like to go on St. John.

Taxis and Rates

Taxis are everywhere, literally. When you disembark from the ship you can be assured that there will be taxi drivers and tour drivers waiting for you. Popular destinations like Magens Bay, St. Thomas and Trunk Bay , St. John also always have taxis waiting to take you back to the ship or ferry. Rates for taxis are not metered they are per person and per destination. Below you will find a table with rates between popular destinations for cruise ship visitors.

Popular Destinations on St. Thomas

HavensightMagens Bay$10$815 min.
HavensightCharlotte Amalie$4 per person6 min.
HavensightRed Hook$13$1017 min.
HavensightCoki/Coral World$12$912 min.
HavensightMountain Top$11$817 min.
Red HookMagens Bay$12$920 min
Crown Bay DockCharlotte Amalie$5$48 min.
Crown Bay DockMagens Bay$12$1025 min.
Crown Bay DockCoki/Coral World$14$1026 min.
Crown Bay DockMountain Top$12$930 min.
Crown Bay DockRed Hook$15$1131 min.

Popular Destinations on St. John

Cruz BayCaneel Bay$6$56 min.
Cruz BayTrunk Bay$8$612 min.
Cruz BayCinnamon Bay$9$714 min.
Cruz BayHawksnest$6$58 min.
Cruz BayAnnaberg Plantation$13$922 min.
Cruz BayMaho Bay$13$918 min.
Cruz BaySalt Pond Bay$20$1440 min.

Popular Destinations St. Croix

FrederikstedEstate Whim$7$3.50
FrederikstedMt. Washington$12$6
FrederikstedDivi Carina Bay$30$15

For more detailed taxi schedules and taxi information please visit: St. Thomas Taxi, St. John Taxi orĀ St. Croix Taxi.

Renting a Car

Renting a car or van is a great idea for large groups or families. Rental cars range in price from $55/day to $95/day on St. Thomas and St. John. Prices depend on size of car and time of year. On St. Croix rental cars range in price from $38/day to $70/day. Taxis charge per person per destination so beach hopping or an island tour can quickly add up to over $100 in taxi fares for a small to medium size group. Renting a car will allow you to see more of the island at your leisure and for the same price or less then you might have spent on taxi fares. If you are a couple you might also consider renting a car to beach hop, go to St. John or just to feel the freedom of sightseeing at your pace. On St. Thomas there are offices conveniently located a short walk from the Havensight cruise dock area and some rental car agencies have special arrangements for cruise ship passengers. St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John have car rental agencies in the main towns, hotels, airports, close to the dock and you can arrange to be met at the cruise ship dock. More information: St. Thomas Transportation, St. John Transportation, St. Croix Transportation.

Island Tours

St. John

Star Fish Tours & Taxi Service

Star Fish Tours & Taxi Service

St. Thomas

Flamons Taxi & Island Tours

Flamon’s Taxi & Island Tours

St. Thomas

Mr. Nice Guy Taxi & Limousine Service

Mr. Nice Guy Taxi & Limousine Service

St. Thomas

Islander Taxi Service Inc.

Islander Taxi Service Inc.


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