Educational Center and Archaeology Laboratory at Cinnamon Bay

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The Educational Center and Archaeology Laboratory at Cinnamon Bay, also called the Cinnamon Bay Museum, houses exhibits that chronicle the known human occupation of the islands from approximately 3,000 years ago to the founding of the park in the 1950s and are based on information gathered from archaeological sites and archaeological finds in the Virgin Islands. The Center focuses on discoveries made within Virgin Islands National Park. It is a working archeology lab and museum with the purpose of preserving the Caribbean’s human heritage from prehistory to the present. The museum has been designed for teachers to utilize its unique exhibits to help local students learn and explore their heritage, as well as educate visitors about the significant role these islands played in maritime history. Researchers and interns also utilize the space as a working laboratory. The center is housed in one of the oldest still standing and in use buildings on St. John. The museum is volunteer run, and is generally open weekdays from 9am to 4pm. To double check hours of operation and for more information call: (340) 715-8580.

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