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St. John: Island Tours

You will enjoy taking a tour of St. John. Beauty is abundant on the forested hillsides and sandy beaches of the island. Former plantation sites offer opportunities to learn about colonial history, including slavery and sugar plantations. Visitors can experience Caribbean culture through interactions with St. Johnians and with local traditions, including culinary delights, music, and the arts. How do you take it all in? On a guided St. John Island tour! Guides will show you the islands’ beautiful viewpoints and beaches, describe the island’s history, point out plants and animals, and share stories about life on the island. One of the most popular land-based island tours on St. John is by taxi, typically in an open-air safari bus.

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Star Fish Tours & Taxi Services, LLC

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Star Fish Tours & Taxi Services, LLC is St. John’s best for Private Island Tours and Transportation Services! We do not combine groups, instead we cater to you and your party only. Customize your tour to your liking, move at your pace, enjoy one on one conversation with your tour guide, and have more fun! We do weddings, beach trips, private island tours, and transportation of any sort – just let us know where and when you want to go!

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Explore St. John on a Guided Tour

Taxi tours are a popular choice on St. John. Taxi drivers on St. John are very often from the island by birth or have lived there for many years. Their experiences allow them to share with you a deep-rooted knowledge and love for their island. Visit scenic lookouts on St. John, beach hop, and explore the island’s history on a guided tour by taxi.

If you want to explore St. John on your own, you can! You can Rent a Car, and you can use a guidebook like St. John Off the Beaten Track to learn where to explore on St. John. Whichever method you choose for discovering St. John, do explore. Take time to learn about the island’s unique natural resources, history, and its people – combined, they make St. John a place that visitors come back to each year.

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