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St. John: Island Tours

Taxi and Jeep Tours of St. John

The island of St. John is special, in part its uniqueness is because its home to the Virgin Islands National Park, but mostly it is because the island is just beautiful. Whether you explore within the park or outside of the park, the scenery is awesome, the beaches are gorgeous, and the history of this little island is significant and important. You can explore St. John on four-wheels on a guided tour by taxi or on a jeep tour. Your driver doubles as your guide and they will show you the islands’ beautiful viewpoints, take you to the beach, you will learn about the island’s history while visiting sugar plantation ruins, and you will surely experience why St. John has the nickname, Love City.

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Explore St. John on a Guided Tour

Taxi tours are a popular choice on St. John. Taxi drivers on St. John are very often from the island by birth or have lived there for many years. Their experiences allow them to share with you a deep-rooted knowledge and love for their island. Visit scenic lookouts on St. John, beach hop, and explore the island’s history on a guided tour by taxi.

Jeep tours on St. John allow you to explore areas outside of the park. Visit off the beaten track areas and beaches, BYO picnic or stop for lunch, and customize your tour with the help and suggestions of your guide.

If you want to explore St. John on your own, you can! You can Rent a Car, and you can use a guidebook like St. John Off the Beaten Track to learn where to explore on St. John. Whichever method you choose for discovering St. John, do explore. Take time to learn about the island’s unique natural resources, history, and its people – combined they make St. John a place that visitors come back to each year.