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St. John: Snorkeling & Snuba


From new, never snorkeled before to seasoned snorkelers, there is something for everyone. Rocky coast lines, near-shore reefs, off-shore cays, and sunken items like ships and planes provide beautiful and varied snorkeling opportunities. The conditions are: great visibility, fairly constant water temperatures of 79–83 degrees year-round, calm seas with little current, and fantastic underwater scenery. In other words, it is perfect for snorkeling. View gorgeous underwater gardens of coral and visit with the residents: turtles, rays, octopuses, moray eels and an abundance of fish large and small. With the use of a mask, snorkel, and fins, you can float on the surface and admire the marine life below. Snorkeling is an option at beaches and also on boat trips.

Stormy Pirates Boat Charters

Stormy Pirates Boat Charters

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Whether you are looking for a 1/2 Day Snorkel Trip around the USVI or a Full Day Snorkel Trip to the BVI we have you covered. Join one of our scheduled trips that takes a maximum of 12 people or we can design Private Snorkel Day based on your experience level. We can take you to calm locations, give you instructions and swim next to you, if you are a beginner or show you some amazing spots that you have never heard of, if you are an expert.

Stormy Pirates Boat Charters
Stormy Pirates Boat Charters
Stormy Pirates Boat Charters
Stormy Pirates Boat Charters
Stormy Pirates Boat Charters
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Over the Line Boat Charters

Over the Line Boat Charters

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Specializing in all the hidden undersea gems featuring coral, exotic fish, and turtles, OTL is the top-rated choice for snorkeling trips in St. John USVI. Our luxury powerboats, local knowledge, and Coast Guard-certified Captains make for unforgettable, family-friendly snorkeling adventures around St. John. Check out our website to see customer reviews, learn more about our boats, and discover all the amazing places we can take you! We are happy to pick you up in many convenient spots around the island including from cruise ships.

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Local Legend Charters

Local Legend Charters

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We are a locally owned and family operated charter boat company offering unique day trip adventures throughout the USVI and BVI. Based in St. Thomas we are proud to have some of the most skilled and experienced captains in the business. Our captains are all U.S. Coast Guard licensed and have expert local knowledge of our waters having been raised and trained in the Virgin Islands by generations of accomplished sailors. Our comfortable 32-foot center console Cape Horn powerboats ensure a fun and smooth ride as you explore secret coves, beautiful beaches, hidden grottos, and other incredible destinations. Offering private customizable trips and shared per person trips.

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Reef2Peak: Snorkel Excursion at Haulover


Reef2Peak offers guided snorkeling excursions to help you discover the magic of St. John and the National Park. Swim with majestic turtles, watch the underwater dances of spotted rays, and revel in the rainbow-colored fish and coral reefs of St. John. This snorkel excursion starts at Haulover Bay. Your guide will provide information about the ecology of the area you explore and will identify the myriad of sea life you will encounter. Snorkeling tips are provided as needed. $75 per person.

Three-hour excursion

Water activity

Reef2Peak: Snorkel Excursion at Princess Bay


Reef2Peak offers guided snorkeling excursions to help you discover the magic of St. John and the National Park. Natural wonders await you on this incredible snorkeling adventure at Princess Bay on the East End of St. John. Turtles, Rays, Reefs! Your guide will provide information about the ecology of the area you explore and will identify the myriad of sea life you will encounter. Snorkeling tips provided as needed. $75 per person.

Guided Tour - Three-hour excursion

Water activity

Beach Guide

Rocky coast lines and near-shore cays and reefs offer great opportunities to snorkel from beaches. Snorkeling from the shore can be done with or without a guide.

St. John Snorkeling Favorites

  1. Trunk Bay
  2. Cinnamon Bay
  3. Waterlemon Cay
  4. Hawksnest
  5. Honeymoon
  6. Saltpond Bay
  7. Francis Bay

By Boat Charters

Charters for ½ or full-day trips can take you out to two or three unique snorkeling locations within protected marine areas in the Virgin Islands National Park. Day charters often include lunch, drinks, snorkeling gear, a little history or stories by the captain, and overall a combination of enjoying the weather, boating, and snorkeling. More on Boat Charters: Sailboats | Powerboats

Fins, a mask and a snorkel

Some of the popular beaches have watersports booths that rent snorkel gear. You can also rent gear for a few days from a dive shop. A popular question among visitors is, “Should I buy or rent a set?”. Frequent visitors agree that you should buy a set. Here’s why. To enjoy snorkeling, your gear needs to fit you well, particularly your mask. A leaky mask can ruin a snorkeling experience. When buying your mask, test it out by holding it to your face without the strap behind your head and inhale slightly through your nose. Let go of the mask; it should stay in place; this indicates a good seal. Your fins should fit you snugly when dry because when you get into the ocean, the water acts as a lubricant. Snorkels are easier because they are mostly one-size-fits all. If you get a bag for your gear, make sure its a mesh-type bag so that water and sand can drain out. An underwater camera is a great accessory; you can pick up a disposable underwater camera at your local supermarket. Another neat accessory is a Fish ID Card; a small, waterproof card that includes popular marine animals you might see while snorkeling.


For those of you who like snorkeling but are not divers, there is a middle ground option called super snorkeling! There are several types of super snorkeling, however, only Snuba is available on St. John.

Snuba enables people, with the use of a mask and breathing tube attached to a tank of air floating on the surface, to explore shallow coral reefs and marine environments while swimming under the water. It’s available to anyone from eight years old and up and doesn’t require experience.

St. John offers rest, relaxation, and an adequate amount of sporting activities. Plan the activities you would like to do most and have a great vacation!

Tip: Don’t snorkel alone. Don’t touch or stand on coral; it is very fragile. Don’t feed marine life non-fish food. Cereal, cake, bread, nuts, dog biscuits, and leftover hotdogs from lunch are not part of marine creature’s natural diets and are considered unhealthy for them. Do wear sunscreen on your back or wear a t-shirt. You can easily spend 30 minutes to an hour floating along admiring the fish, and that is plenty of time for the bright tropical sunshine to leave you with a painful sunburn.

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