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Cruz Bay, St. John

The main “town” on St. John is Cruz Bay. It’s the arrival place for ferries from St. Thomas; its home to the post office and government offices; and it’s a center for shopping, eating, drinking, and being merry! Cruz Bay’s nickname is Love City, earned because of its eclectic, take-it-easy vibe.

While in Cruz Bay, you can visit the National Park Visitor Center, stop into the Elaine Sprauve Library (housed in the 1750’s Estate Enighed House), grab a cool beverage and relax in Cruz Bay Park, or take a leisurely stroll through the shops and restaurants.

  • Virgin Islands National Park Visitor Center

    Cruz Bay

    Virgin Islands National Park Visitor Center, St. John

    The National Park Visitor Center, in Cruz Bay, is the place to start your exploration of St. John. The exhibits presented will introduce you to the park's history, hiking trails, historical sites, and local flora and fauna.

  • Elaine I. Sprauve Public Library

    Cruz Bay

    Elaine I. Sprauve Public Library, St. John

    Elaine Ione Sprauve Public Library is located just outside of Cruz Bay. In addition to books, the library’s collection includes interesting old photographs of St. John, newspaper clippings and paintings.

  • Ivan Jaden Museum

    Cruz Bay

    Ivan Jaden Museum

    The Ivan Jadan Museum on St. John offers cross-cultural views of the 94 year long life of the man now judged to be the great Russian tenor of the 20th century.

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