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Rothschild Francis Square (Market Square)

Market Square

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Commonly called Market Square, it has served as a produce market and community meeting venue for nearly two centuries. When the square was established is uncertain but it appears on maps as early as 1836. The cast iron bungalow is dated around 1904. Market women played an important role in the square, selling fruits and goods. The bungalow was controlled by these colorful and spirited ladies. It was rare that a male vendor would sell under the bungalow. French farmers selling functional straw crafts, fish and produce were once commonplace at the Square; they sold their goods from the perimeter of the Bungalow. Today the Square gets a handful of vendors on any given day, typically Friday and Saturday mornings being most busy.


Market Square
Market Square


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Historical Site
General Impression
I'm the Great-Granddaughter of Rothschild "Polly" Francis. I grew up in Savan, a town area surrounding the Rothschild Francis or "Market Square" as what locals called it. Growing up, the market square was a bustling market filled with locals early in the morning buying/selling fresh produce, local treats, and freshly caught fish. Alot has changed since then. Most of the older generation who upheld this culture has passed and it has not been the same. I intend to team up with like-minded Virgin Islander to bring back the heart and soul of the original Market Square. Pertaining to my great-grandfather Rothschild Francis, it's the original site where he gave his liberation speeches to the masses. Sorry, about your experience Sean Patchin. I appreciate you feedback. Truly, there work to be done on those things you mentioned.
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We walked by there today and found it to be nothing but a hangout for locals to smoke pot and waste the time of day. Nothing worth seeing, unless maybe one wants to score some weed.
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