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Bluebeard’s Castle & Frederiksberg

Bluebeard's Castle & Frederiksberg

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Local legend says pirate Bluebeard built the tower! History says the Danes built it around 1689 as a watchtower. It was called Frederik's Fort and is on the site of an earlier fortification project. Today the tower is incorporated into Bluebeard's Castle Hotel, as is Frederiksberg. In 1818 the colonial government sold the watchtower and surrounding lands to a merchant and in the 1820's the large residence of Frederiksberg was constructed. Despite changes to accommodate being used as the hotel lobby and offices; the columned portico, staircase and parts of the interior retain the original look. A lovely view of the Charlotte Amalie harbor can be enjoyed from the hotel’s restaurants and pool deck.


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General Impression
The hotel, restaurant and the tower are permanently closed and for sale. Unfortunately, they fenced with boards so after hiking up the 99 steps plus hill you can’t even get a picture. Very disappointing!
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