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Coki Beach the second time
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The first time we visited Coki last year, we were a little put off by the people wanting to rent you chairs and parking. However, after you have had a taste of the excellent beach, good service, some exceptional snorkeling and diving, and learn this is how it is at Coki, you are in for a great time. This year we were there the third week in April and the water was a comfortable 81 degrees, crystal clear, and the experience was fantastic. We brought friends from North Carolina with us, and a great time was had by all. The plentiful wildlife under the turquoise waters made the diving and snorkeling a memorable trip. Colorful Carribean fish including parrots, seargent majors, an octopus, and even a squid that played games made you feel like you were in your own private aquarium. Someone was always availble to bring you a fresh drink, there are accomidations for dive and snorkel equipment, and the aquarium right next door which is an exellent facility with lots of activities, provided something for everyone. Yes, bathrooms are primative, however, we didn't go for the toilets. There are two primary reefs right off of the beach, one on the East end and one towards the rocks on the West side of the beach. Beautiful coral, soft sand, and visibility that was around 70 feet made you want to stay in the water even with a comfy lounge chair on the beach. Some don't like Coki because of it's surrounding area, however, once you are there you will find out why it is one of the top destination beaches in St. Thomas. Also, Coki Beach Dive Club has some of the friendliest staff of any dive operation I have every been with. The rum punch ain't bad either.
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