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Lindquist Beach
St. Thomas Beaches
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This is a beautiful beach, gorgeous. Water is crystal clear and pretty calm. It deepens fairly gradually. The shore is soft white sand. Not much natural shade in the middle of the beach, but the right side and left side (of the area where you can swim) has some taller trees that provide shade. The swimming part of the beach takes up about a third, the other 2/3rds has a seagrass bed & shallow rocky shelf all along the shore in the water (left side when facing the water). Not good for swimming but you can still walk along the shore, on the sand, and enjoy the view and keep an eye on the shallow seagrass for fish or even baby sharks - saw one swimming around. Just at the start of the rocky shelf you might see some juvenile fish while snorkeling, also saw a large school of squid - about 35 squid - pretty neat. There is also seagrass on the far right, but deeper seagrass beds so you can snorkel above them, saw some turtles in that area. The swimming area is sandy in the water - great for wading and enjoying a swim. Beautiful scenery. Just a few people on the beach in the earlier part of the morning and then maybe two dozen or so by late morning - it was a weekeday.

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