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Magens Bay
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A 4 day perspective on Magen's Beach
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We are staying right on Magen's Bay so we have been to the actual Park beach often. I think it is like anything- sometimes it is more perfect than others. We have been to beaches all over and as far as the sand and water quality goes- it ranks with pretty much any of the mile long beaches- lovely. The set up is great for children- We have three- You can get food and they have waitresses who will wait on you while they play in the sand. A nice break for the parents. Be aware that you pay to get in and then you also pay for all the amenities. But they have anything you could need. Chairs are $5 a day and rafts are $10 a day- that sort of thing. A slice of really decent pizza is only $3 and they even have a really good salad selection. I can't really tell you much about the bathrooms- I have yet to find one that is awesome at any public beach, sadly. Or any resort beach accessed bathroom-just part of it. The best thing about the beach is just the beauty of the water and the absolute lack of feeling creeped at anything in it. That being said- snorkel somewhere else-but we take the masks and see little fun things so it is not boring. The kids love it. The cruise ship thing is what it is- it is keeping the USVI
places going. And all beaches, really, will have some cruise ship people. The boat folks are all really nice and having a fun day so even when ships are in and more people are there you can always get a chair and a nice place to sit in the shade. Since we have gone more than 4 times, I think a lot depends on the day (attitude s also key), but we have yet to have a bad time and I spend a lot of time just looking at the view and the amazing water color. The little gift/convenience shop is typically resort expensive but you can get sunscreen, swimsuits, anything you need. It has been Crazy windy this whole week and Magen's just stays calm and easy to be in. My one thing I have noticed is the staff at the restaurant just seems a little over it-civil but not super thrilled. Sure, you can imagine it is not easy to deal with, but that is one place some improvement could be made to make it even better. Overall- I think if you visit St Thomas and don't visit , it would be a shame.

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