Magens Bay

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Magens Bay
St. Thomas Beaches
Magens Bay Beach bar
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Wee visited Magen Bay and it is a beautiful beach. We also visited the Magens Bay Beach bar and we have never been treated so rudely and poorly in our lives. The staff at the bar acted like they we were an intrusion and had to go out of their way to have to take our order and serve us. We had planned to have food and drinks and after we decided it was not worth spending our hard earned dollars there and decided to leave, we were verbally accosted because we did not eat as we had originally intended. We will never return and never have a positive review of this bar and the people that work there. You would think after being shut down for so long, they would welcome guests and be happy to serves us as other venues did for us, but not these people. So disappointing in their complete rudeness and disdain for their customers. I guess when you have a monopoly on the beach venue, you can treat your guests like shit and get away with it. scale of 1 to 10, they receive a Zero.
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