Sugar Bay

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Overall rating

Sugar Bay is a tiny, bikini sized, nook of a beach along the eastern shore of St. Thomas. You can easily see from one end of the sandy shoreline to the other. The water is typically calm. The seafloor is rocky around the center-right of the bay which makes entry there challenging, but the rocks offer OK snorkeling for beginners. Juvenile fish like to hang out around the rocky outcrops. The left side of the bay is sandy, enter and swim in that area.

The shore is made up of fine sand with some small pebbles and rocks. It is dotted with a couple of large sea grape trees which provide some natural shade on an otherwise sun soaked beach. The beach offers a beautiful view including the ocean, boats traveling between islands, and nearby Mingo Cay, Lovango Cay, St. John and the British Virgin Islands in the distance. A dozen or so lounge chairs are set up along the shore, and a couple of umbrellas. There are no other amenities at the present time.

Sugar Bay Resort looks over the beach. The resort however is closed for renovations with limited occupancy by work crews. Caution tape and barricades block various areas of the resort property on route to the beach. The beach is not being maintained and has resumed a natural state. Due to the resort being closed the beach is typically deserted. (Resort status last checked in July 2019)

Access and Transportation: No entrance fee. There is a guard at the resort entrance that you must check in with. There is a parking lot. A bus stop is located along the public road just beside the resort entrance. A taxi can take you there, and you should arrange a taxi return pick up at a set time.


Go Here
If you’re part of a work crew staying on the property, or you are cool with a closed-resort beach. 
Don't Go Here
If you want a beach with amenities, and well-maintained surroundings. 

Beach Amenities

  • Swimming
  • Food Vendors
  • Bathrooms
  • Hotel
  • Taxi's Available
  • Parking Available
  • Jet Ski


Sugar Bay
Sugar Bay
Sugar Bay


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