Boating is one of the top vacation activities in St. Thomas. It’s a great way to enjoy the fantastic weather, take in the beauty of the ocean and the coastlines, island hop, check out some amazing snorkeling spots, and relax at a quintessential Caribbean beach bar – all in the same day. Sounds fabulous, right? Go for it, rent a powerboat. Let your captain know what your group is about, whether it’s party-time with your pals, a family vacation, a romantic wedding related outing, or the desire for a luxury, exclusive excursion. And then let them know where you want to go; they will make suggestions too based on their knowledge of the area; and off you go to what’s very likely to be one of the best days of your visit to the Virgin Islands.

At the end of this page is a section on What to Expect; it covers types of boats, rates, captains, fuel, and other details. Start planning your day out on the water; visit the boat charters listed below for more information on what they offer.

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What to Expect: St. Thomas Boat Rental and Charter Costs

Prices of boat rentals in St. Thomas vary by type of boat, size, capacity of boat, and amenities. A half day charter on a center console boat can run between $470-$600 on average. A Sea Ray runs around $750-$900 for a half day. For a full day trip on a center console the range is $500-$1000; and full day on a Sea Ray is about $1,300-$4,000. Many boats cater to groups up to 6 passengers; others can accommodate 9 to 12 passengers. Most boat rentals do not include a meal, some do have snacks. You can bring your own or stop at a beachfront bar or restaurant for lunch. Ice, soft drinks, and water are sometimes included. A few boat’s come with a captain, others the captain is additional. Captain’s rates are around $100 for half day, $150 for full day.

Very few boat rentals are available bareboat; and the few that do require the renter to have strong knowledge of the area’s waters. Fuel is another consideration; it is included in the rate with some boats, and on others its additional. The fuel charge will depend on usage, which is a factor of boat type and of distance traveled. It can be between $75-$200 for a half day boat trip, and $150-$300 for a full day.

If you are planning on heading over to the British Virgin Islands there will be custom’s fees of around $70-$80 a person. If you stay and play within the U.S. Virgin Islands, then there are no additional fees related to customs. Captain and crew appreciate tips, and gratuity is usually not included in the boat rental rates. All figures are given as a reference, and are subject to change.

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